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Title: CO2 and CH4 Fluxes across Polygon Geomorphic Types, Barrow, Alaska, 2006-2010

Carbon flux data are reported as Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE), Gross Ecosystem Exchange (GEE), Ecosystem Respiration (ER), and Methane (CH4) flux. Measurements were made at 82 plots across various polygon geomorphic classes at research sites on the Barrow Environmental Observatory (BEO), the Biocomplexity Experiment site on the BEO, and the International Biological Program (IBP) site a little west of the BEO. This product is a compilation of data from 27 plots as presented in Lara et al. (2012), data from six plots presented in Olivas et al. (2010); and from 49 plots described in (Lara et al. 2014). Measurements were made during the peak of the growing seasons during 2006 to 2010. At each of the measurement plots (except Olivas et al., 2010) four different thicknesses of shade cloth were used to generate CO2 light response curves. Light response curves were used to normalize photosynthetically active radiation that is diurnally variable to a peak growing season average ~400 umolm-2sec-1. At the Olivas et al. (2010) plots, diurnal patterns were characterized by repeated sampling. CO2 measurements were made using a closed-chamber photosynthesis system and CH4 measurements were made using a photo-acoustic multi-gas analyzer. In addition, plot-level measurements for thaw depth (TD),more » water table depth (WTD), leaf area index (LAI), and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) are summarized by geomorphic polygon type. « less
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Next Generation Ecosystems Experiment - Arctic, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (US)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC), Biological and Environmental Research (BER)
54 Environmental Sciences; ngee-arctic; ngee; North Slope; Alaska; Arctic; Barrow; International Biological Program research site; Barrow Environmental Observatory; Carbon Flux; Carbon dioxide; Methane; peak growing season
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  1. This data set consists of bulk soil characteristics as well as carbon and nutrient mineralization rates of active layer soils manually collected from the field in August, 2012, frozen, and then thawed and incubated across a range of temperatures in the laboratory for 28 daymore » periods in 2013-2015. The soils were collected from four replicate polygons in each of the four Areas (A, B, C, and D) of Intensive Site 1 at the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arctic site near Barrow, Alaska. Soil samples were coincident with the established Vegetation Plots that are located in center, edge, and trough microtopography in each polygon. Data included are 1) bulk soil characteristics including carbon, nitrogen, gravimetric water content, bulk density, and pH in 5-cm depth increments and also by soil horizon, 2) carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus mineralization rates for soil horizons incubated aerobically (and in one case both aerobically and anaerobically) for 28 days at temperatures that included 2, 4, 8, and 12 degrees C. Additional soil and incubation data are forthcoming. They will be available when published as part of another paper that includes additional replicate analyses. « less
  2. This dataset consists of measurements of vegetation harvested from Areas A to D of Intensive Site 1 at the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arctic site near Barrow, Alaska. The dataset includes i) values of leaf area index, biomass, carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P)more » content of aboveground plant parts from 0.25 m × 0.25 m clip-plots at peak growing season and ii) fine-root biomass from 5.08-cm diameter soil cores taken throughout the active layer in the same location as the clip plots in late July-early August 2012, and iii) values of aboveground biomass and nitrogen (N) content measured from 0.1 m × 0.1 m clip-plots harvested at 2-week intervals throughout the 2013 growing season. « less
  3. This dataset consists of field measurements of CO2 and CH4 flux, as well as soil properties made during 2013 in Areas A-D of Intensive Site 1 at the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arctic site near Barrow, Alaska. Included are i) measurements of CO2 and CH4more » flux made from June to September (ii) Calculation of corresponding Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) and CH4 exchange (transparent minus opaque) between atmosphere and the ecosystem (ii) Measurements of Los Gatos Research (LGR) chamber air temperature made from June to September (ii) measurements of surface layer depth, type of surface layer, soil temperature and soil moisture from June to September. « less
  4. This dataset contains i) the results of field surveys of plant community composition and vegetation height made between 17th and 29th July 2012 in 48, 1 x 1 m plots located in areas A-D of Intensive Site 1 at the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arcticmore » site near Barrow, Alaska and ii) results of a mapping exercise undertaken in August 2013 using two perpendicular transects across each polygon containing vegetation plots to determine the boundaries of vegetation communities described in 2012. « less
  5. This data set reports community-level CO2 and CH4 flux measurements for the SPRUCE experimental study plots located in the S1-Bog. Surface flux measurements of CO2 and CH4 were made using open-path analyzers over an area of 1.13 m2 within each of 16 plots. A custom-designedmore » chamber encloses the hummock-hollow topography and allows point in time measurements of the shrub, forb, Sphagnum spp. and the complex microbial community. These observations were made with ambient light and imposed dark conditions to allow estimates of community daytime and night respiratory processes. This data set is all inclusive – beginning in 2011 and continuing through the Whole-Ecosystem-Warming (WEW) phase of the experiment. « less