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Title: ARM: ARMBE: Atmospheric measurements

ARMBE: Atmospheric measurements
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Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Archive, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (US)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC), Biological and Environmental Research (BER)
54 Environmental Sciences; Atmospheric moisture; Atmospheric pressure; Atmospheric temperature; Atmospheric turbulence; Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration; Carbon dioxide (CO2) flux; Cloud fraction; Cloud top height; Cloud type; Horizontal wind; Latent heat flux; Liquid water path; Longwave broadband downwelling irradiance; Longwave broadband net irradiance; Longwave broadband upwelling irradiance; Photosynthetically Active Radiation; Precipitable water; Precipitation; Sensible heat flux; Shortwave broadband diffuse downwelling irradiance; Shortwave broadband direct downwelling irradiance; Shortwave broadband total downwelling irradiance; Shortwave broadband total net irradiance; Shortwave broadband total upwelling irradiance; Soil heat flux; Soil moisture; Soil surface temperature; Vertical velocity
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Xiao Chen, and Shaocheng Xie. ARM: ARMBE: Atmospheric measurements. United States: N. p., Web. doi:10.5439/1095313.
Xiao Chen, & Shaocheng Xie. ARM: ARMBE: Atmospheric measurements. United States. doi:10.5439/1095313.
Xiao Chen, and Shaocheng Xie. 1994. "ARM: ARMBE: Atmospheric measurements". United States. doi:10.5439/1095313.
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  1. ARM focuses on obtaining continuous measurements—supplemented by field campaigns—and providing data products that promote the advancement of climate models. ARM data include routine data products, value-added products (VAPs), field campaign data, complementary external data products from collaborating programs, and data contributed by ARM principal investigators for use by the scientific community. Data quality reports, graphical displays of data availability/quality, and data plots are also available from the ARM Data Center. Serving users worldwide, the ARM Data Center collects and archives approximately 20 terabytes of data per month. Datastreams are generally available for download within 48 hours.
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