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OSTI is committed and empowered to provide public access to DOE-sponsored scientific and technical information.  However, public access does not connote that the materials on this or other DOE websites are in the public domain.  When accessing OSTI websites, you may encounter documents, illustrations, photographs, or other information resources that are protected by U.S. or foreign copyright laws.  OSTI provides access to such content under the authority of the government’s retained license to distribute publications and data resulting from federal funding.  Although you may legally access such works via OSTI, the copyright owners retain rights that govern the reproduction, redistribution, and re-use of copyrighted works.  You are solely responsible for complying with applicable copyright law restrictions, including seeking the permission of the copyright owners when your intended activities fall outside the limited uses provided for by fair use and other legal principles.

Many documents and other materials available via OSTI are marked with a copyright notice or other statement designed to inform the reader or user of applicable restrictions (or lack thereof).  For example, documents labeled “U.S. Government Work” or similar are not copyrightable under U.S. law, and therefore may be freely copied and redistributed.  Other works, such as journal articles or conference proceedings, clearly indicate the copyright holder, year copyrighted, and so forth.  Finally, some OSTI materials may lack an explicit copyright statement; if so, you should treat these works as if they are protected by copyright.  For more information on copyright law, please visit