June 2016 Most Viewed Documents for Power Generation And Distribution

  1. Electric power high-voltage transmission lines: Design options, cost, and electric and magnetic field levels
    Stoffel, J.B.; Pentecost, E.D.; Roman, R.D.; Traczyk, P.A. (1994)


  2. Electric power substation capital costs
    Dagle, J.E.; Brown, D.R. (1997)


  3. Load flow analysis: Base cases, data, diagrams, and results
    Portante, E.C.; Kavicky, J.A.; VanKuiken, J.C.; Peerenboom, J.P. (1997)


  4. ASPEN Plus Simulation of CO2 Recovery Process
    Charles W. White III (2003)


  5. Seventh Edition Fuel Cell Handbook
    NETL (2004)


  6. Feed-pump hydraulic performance and design improvement, Phase I: research program design. Final report
    Brown, W.H.; Gopalakrishnan, S.; Fehlau, R.; Thompson, W.E.; Wilson, D.G. (1982)


  7. Controlled low strength materials (CLSM), reported by ACI Committee 229
    Rajendran, N. (1997)


  8. Recovery of Water from Boiler Flue Gas Using Condensing Heat Exchangers
    Levy, Edward; Bilirgen, Harun; DuPont, John (2011)


  9. Wet cooling towers: rule-of-thumb design and simulation
    Leeper, S.A. (1981)


  10. Multilevel converters -- A new breed of power converters
    Lai, J.S. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States). Engineering Technology Div.]; Peng, F.Z. [Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States)]|[Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States)] (1995)


  11. Electrical and mechanical design criteria for EHV and UHV: overhead transmission lines
    Not Available (1980)


  12. Process for forming a chromium diffusion portion and articles made therefrom
    Helmick, David Andrew; Cavanaugh, Dennis William; Feng, Ganjiang; Bucci, David Vincent (2015)


  13. Non-contact current and voltage sensing method using a clamshell housing and a ferrite cylinder
    Carpenter, Gary D.; El-Essawy, Wael; Ferreira, Alexandre Peixoto; Keller, Thomas Walter; Rubio, Juan C.; Schappert, Michael (2016)


  14. Load Modeling and State Estimation Methods for Power Distribution Systems: Final Report
    Tom McDermott (2010)


  15. Wireless Sensor Network for Electric Transmission Line Monitoring
    Alphenaar, Bruce (2009)


  16. Voltage control for a wind power plant based on the available reactive current of a DFIG and its impacts on the point of interconnection
    Usman, Yasir [Chonbuk National Univ., Jeonju (Korea, Republic of)]; Kim, Jinho [Chonbuk National Univ., Jeonju (Korea, Republic of)]; Muljadi, Eduard [National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)]; Kang, Yong Cheol [Chonbuk National Univ., Jeonju (Korea, Republic of)] (2016)


  17. Study to determine the basic insulation level requirements for a prototype 1200 kV CGIT cable system
    Cooper, J. H. (1979)


  18. Test Program for High Efficiency Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffuser
    Norris, Thomas R. (2009)


  19. Full Coverage Shaped Hole Film Cooling in an Accelerating Boundary Layer with High Free-Stream Turbulence
    Ames, Forrest E. [University of North Dakota]; Kingery, Joseph E. [University of North Dakota] (2015)


  20. Non-contact current and voltage sensor having detachable housing incorporating multiple ferrite cylinder portions
    Carpenter, Gary D.; El-Essawy, Wael; Ferreira, Alexandre Peixoto; Keller, Thomas Walter; Rubio, Juan C.; Schappert, Michael A. (2016)


Last updated on Thursday 07 July 2016