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Office of Scientific and Technical Information

DOE CODE is the new software services platform and search tool for both scientific and non-scientific software developed with Department of Energy (DOE) funding.  DOE CODE (Alpha), launched by OSTI in November 2017, is an open source platform that replaces the Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC).  DOE CODE provides functionality for collaboration, archiving, and discovery of scientific and non-scientific (business) software funded by DOE. 

DOE CODE recently added the ability for users to submit non-scientific (business) software. By collecting both scientific and non-scientific software, DOE CODE is being used to fulfill Departmental requirements supporting the Federal Source Code Policy, M-16-21.  DOE CODE maintains an inventory of all DOE-funded custom-developed software and reports this inventory to the government-wide website.  The inventory will foster scientific progress, provide transparency, and promote public uptake of DOE-funded custom-developed software.  See more information about providing business software to DOE CODE in the DOE CODE FAQs.