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Title: VHTR numerical benchmark based on the compact nuclear power source experiments.


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Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)
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NE; Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
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TRN: US201009%%163
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Conference: Joint International Topical Meeting on Mathematics & Computations and Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications (M&C + SNA 2007); Apr. 15, 2007 - Apr. 19, 2007; Monterey, CA
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United States

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Joo, H.-K., Taiwo, T. A., Yang, W. S., and Nuclear Engineering Division. VHTR numerical benchmark based on the compact nuclear power source experiments.. United States: N. p., 2007. Web.
Joo, H.-K., Taiwo, T. A., Yang, W. S., & Nuclear Engineering Division. VHTR numerical benchmark based on the compact nuclear power source experiments.. United States.
Joo, H.-K., Taiwo, T. A., Yang, W. S., and Nuclear Engineering Division. Mon . "VHTR numerical benchmark based on the compact nuclear power source experiments.". United States. doi:.
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  • An evaluation of the Compact Nuclear Power Source (CNPS) experiments conducted at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in the 1980's has been done using information available in the open literature. The Monte Carlo results for critical test configurations have been quite good with k{sub eff} values within 0.5% of the critical value of unity. The calculated total and differential rod and material worths were found generally close to measurement values. The lack of information on design data uncertainties and the inconsistency in the design data from different sources make it difficult to quantify the uncertainty in the core integralmore » parameters arising from data uncertainties. The evaluated configurations could however be useful as numerical benchmarks that are based on the currently available information. (authors)« less
  • Zero-power static and kinetic measurements have been made on a mock-up of the Compact Nuclear Power Source (CNPS), a graphite moderated, graphite reflected, U(19.9% /sup 235/U) fueled reactor design. Critical configurations were tracked from a first clean configuration (184 most central fuel channels filled and all control rod and heat pipe channels empty) to a fully loaded configuration (all 492 fuel channels filled, core-length stainless steel pipe in the twelve heat-pipe channels, and approximately half-core-length boron carbide in the outer 4 control rod channels. Reactor physics data such as material worths and neutron lifetime are presented only for the cleanmore » and fully loaded configurations.« less
  • The inboard shield for protecting the toroidal superconductive magnet is an especially crucial item in the NET/ITER shield design. Although an appreciable amount of nuclear data uncertainties and experimental work analysis has been done in the past, it still has some insufficiency from the point of view of the ITER experts, to support the subsequent EDA Engineering Design phase of the next International Thermonuclear Reactor ITER. With respect to accuracy, the main problem area for ITER neutronics, is the radiation load to the coils. In order to calibrate the actual discrepancy in the calculation of damage and nuclear heating tomore » the TF coil, the authors have analyzed the overall international bulk shield benchmarks. Iron and stainless steel experiments were selected to validate structural material cross-sections, in the European JEF/EFF library.« less
  • The Compact Nuclear Power Source (CNPS) was designed to produce electric power for remote sites where fuel logistics and costs would justify a remotely sited nuclear power plant. Since the reactor was of novel design with no appropriate benchmarks, a series of critical experiments was carried out at LANL. This paper describes the methodology and reports the results of the postanalysis that was performed on the critical experiments, which included several distinct critical configurations, the measurement of the isothermal temperature coefficient of reactivity and various material worths. Comparisons with measurements indicate that current methods and cross sections are adequate formore » calculating at least the beginning of life conditions in low enriched /sup 235/U-graphite cores. 7 refs., 4 figs., 4 tabs.« less
  • Imatran Voima Oy`s subsidiary IVO International Ltd (IVO IN) and the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) in co-operation with Kola staff supplies the Kola Nuclear Power Plant in the Murmansk region of Russia with a Compact Training Simulator. The simulator will be used for the training of the plant personnel in managing the plant disturbance and accident situations. By means of the simulator is is also possible to test how the planned plant modifications will affect the plant operation. The simulator delivery is financed by the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Themore » delivery is part of the aid program directed to Russia for the improvement of the nuclear power plant safety.« less