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Title: The Fermilab neutrino beam program


This talk presents an overview of the Fermilab Neutrino Beam Program. Results from completed experiments as well as the status and outlook for current experiments is given. Emphasis is given to current activities towards planning for a future program.

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Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
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TRN: US0803235
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Journal Name: AIP Conf.Proc.944:35-43,2007; Conference: Prepared for Workshop on Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors 2006 (NNN06 / Seattle), Seattle, Washington, 21-23 Sep 2006
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United States

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  • Fermilab is committed to upgrading its accelerator complex towards the intensity frontier to pursue HEP research in the neutrino sector and beyond. The upgrade has two steps: 1) the Proton Improvement Plan (PIP), which is underway, has its primary goal to start providing 700 kW beam power on NOvA target by the end of 2017 and 2) the foreseen PIP–II will replace the existing LINAC, a 400 MeV injector to the Booster, by an 800 MeV superconducting LINAC by the middle of next decade, with output beam intensity from the Booster increased significantly and the beam power on the NOvAmore » target increased to <1.2 MW. In any case, the Fermilab Booster is going to play a very significant role for the next two decades. In this context, we have recently developed and commissioned an innovative beam injection scheme for the Booster called "early injection scheme". This scheme is already in operation and has a potential to increase the Booster beam intensity from the PIP design goal by a considerable amount with a reduced beam emittance and beam loss. In this paper, we will present results from our experience from the new scheme in operation, current status and future plans.« less
  • We summarize activities concerning the Fermilab polarized beams. They include a brief description of the polarized-beam facility, measurements of beam polarization by polarimeters (Fermilab E-581), asymmetry measurements in the {pi}{degree} production at high p{sub {perpendicular}} and in the {Lambda} ({sigma}{degree}), {pi}{sup {plus minus}}, {pi}{degree} production at large x{sub F}, ad {Delta}{sigma}{sub L}(pp, {bar p}p) mesurements (Fermilab E-704). In future we plan to investigate the proton-spin crisis by determining the gluon spin distribution in inclusive production of direct gamma, {chi}{sup 2}, and J/{psi}.
  • The NuMI Facility at Fermilab is providing an extremely intense beam of neutrinos for the MINOS Neutrino Oscillation Experiment. It an ideal place for a high statistics (anti)neutrino-nucleon/nucleus scattering experiments, and the MINER{nu}A experiment, a collaboration of elementary-particle and nuclear physicists, is planning to install a fully active fine-grained solid scintillator detector in this beam. The overall goals of the experiment are to measure absolute exclusive cross-sections, study nuclear effects in {nu} - A interactions and perform a systematic study of the resonance-DIS transition region including the extraction of high-x Bj parton distribution functions at low Q2.
  • The NOνA experiment is a neutrino oscillation experiment designed to measure parameters related to the neutrino mixing matrix, mass hierarchy and CP violation. The experiment measures neutrino and anti-neutrino interactions from the NuMI beam line at Fermilab in a Near Detector and a Far Detector located 810 kilometers away. Making these measurements requires precise synchronization of 344,064 channels in the Far Detector to an absolute wall time with a channel to channel variation of less then 10 ns. The experiment must correlate the presence of the relatively narrow neutrino beam in the detector with data readout. This paper will discussmore » the performance of the NOνA timing system during the first few months of operation at the Far Detector.« less
  • A search for neutrino oscillations was made using the Fermilab narrow-band neutrino beam and the 15 ft. bubble chamber. No positive signal for neutrino oscillations was observed. Limits were obtained for mixing angles and neutrino mass differences for nu/sub ..-->.. nu/sub e/, nu/sub ..-->.. nu/sub tau/, nu/sub e/ ..-->.. nu/sub e/. 5 refs.