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Title: Fuel for diesel engine


A fuel is disclosed for a diesel engine which comprises a mixture of (A) an alcohol, (B) gas oil and (C) castor oil, wherein the contents of the respective components satisfy requirements represented by the following formulae: 0% by volume < A 80% by volume, 10% by volume B < 50% by volume, and 10% by volume C < 50% by volume.

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US 4405337
Yanmar Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (Japan) EDB-83-199044
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Patent Priority Date: Priority date 10 Apr 1980, Japan; Other Information: PAT-APPL-378814
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United States

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Mori, M. Fuel for diesel engine. United States: N. p., 1983. Web.
Mori, M. Fuel for diesel engine. United States.
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  • This patent describes a process for producing a diesel-fuel/water emulsion for a diesel engine comprising: supplying different quantitative proportions of water and diesel fuel as a function of the operating condition of the engine, the supplying including leading the water and diesel fuel quantities separately to an intake side of an injection pump; mixing the quantitative proportions in a pump cylinder; storing temporarily a non-injected highly pressurized excess quantity of mixture in a constant volume accumulator; and providing the excess quantity to the injection pump during a subsequent intake stroke.
  • A fuel cutoff apparatus is described for a fuel injection pump in an internal combustion engine, comprising: (a) a valve member movable to selectively open or block a port connecting a source of fuel to a fuel line; (b) an electromagnetic coil means selectively energizable at a plurality of distinct energy levels to move the valve member to open or block the port; and (c) a controller means for energizing the electromagnetic coil means to pen the port in response to a valve opening command by determining whether the energy level of the coil means is at an energy levelmore » causing the valve member to open or to block the port, the controller means being further operable for determining a characteristic of engine speed of the engine when the energy level of the coil means is determined to be at a level causing the valve member to block the port member, for providing a variable level of electrical current to the coil means as a function of the engine speed characteristic for opening the port, and for selecting the electrical current in accordance with the engine speed characteristic whereby the controller causes the valve member to open the port with efficient current utilization.« less
  • A device for preventing abnormal flow of gas fuel from a gas fuel injector of a diesel engine is described comprising: a pipe means for supplying a pressurized gas fuel; a fuel injector means including a housing having a passage connected to the pipe means and leading to fuel injection nozzle ports, and a valve member having a piston portion and adapted to open and close the passage by the force produced by a control oil in accordance with the speed of the engine and the level of load on the engine; and a fuel cut-off valve means having amore » valve member adapted to close a gas fuel passage constituted by the pipe means and the passage in the fuel injector means, in response to a reduction of the fuel pressure in the fuel passage.« less
  • A fuel control device for a diesel engine injection system having a motor-driven pump for supplying fuel to the injectors of said engine by driving a fuel pump with a dc motor, means for outputting a first motor-driven pump speed instruction signal according to a throttle position and an engine speed, a function generator for outputting a motor-driven pump armature current setting signal according to an engine speed along a torque curve preset for said engine, a motor speed detecting circuit for detecting an armature current of said motor-driven pump, to output an armature current signal, an integrator for integratingmore » a difference between said armature current setting signal and an actual armature current signal, to output a second motor-driven pump speed instruction signal, and a minimum signal priority circuit for outputting a smaller one of said first and second instruction signals in priority, to control the armature current, whereby the speed of said motor-driven pump is regulated according to an engine speed, for torque regulation of the engine. Other aspects of the invention include an exhaust gas temperature input, coolant temperature, supercharger speed, and acceleration and deceleration inputs. In one embodiment of the invention the electric motor driven pump is driven by the output of an alternator whose excitation coil is controlled by the output of the fuel control circuit.« less
  • A method is described of controlling a fuel injection quantity into cylinders of a diesel engine combined with a fuel injection pump having a solenoid-operated spill valve, comprising the steps of: (a) sensing engine operating conditions including an engine rotational speed and an operating amount of an accelerating pedal of the engine; (b) calculating a desired fuel injection quantity into the cylinders of the engine in accordance with the sensed engine operating conditions; (c) deriving a desired spill phase angle of rotation of the pump drive shaft as a function of the calculated fuel injection quantity; (d) producing a referencemore » rotational angle signal at a reference angle of rotation of a drive shaft of the fuel injection pump; (e) producing a rotational angle signal for each predetermined angle of rotation of the drive shaft of the fuel injection pump; (f) obtaining a quotient and a remainder angle by dividing the derived spill phase angle by the predetermined angle; and (g) converting the obtained remainder angle into a first converted time on the basis of the sensed engine rotational speed.« less