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Title: EXISTENCE OF THE HYPERNUCLEUS $lambda$-$sup 8$He.

; ;
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Inst. of Physics, Belgrade); (and others)
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OSTI ID: 4708090
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Journal Article
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Nucl. Phys. B35: No. 1, 160-6(1971).
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Other Information: Orig. Receipt Date: 31-DEC-72
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Country unknown/Code not available
N34270* --Physics (High Energy)--Particle Interactions & Properties (Theoretical)--Strong (Baryon No. >= 2); N36352 --Physics (Nuclear)--Nuclear Properties & Reactions, 6 <= A <= 19--Nuclear Reactions & Scattering--Leptons, Mesons, Hyperons; BINDING ENERGY; DECAY; HELIUM 8; HYPERFRAGMENTS; KAONS-MINUS; LAMBDA PARTICLES; NUCLEAR EMULSIONS; PRODUCTION HYPERNUCLEI/production and decay of $lambda$-He$sup 8$ in meson (K$sup -$) reactions with light emulsion nuclei; MESONS (K$sup -$)/ reactions with light emulsion nuclei, production and decay of $lambda$-He$sup 8$ from; HYPERNUCLEI/binding energy of $lambda$-He

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