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Title: ASSESSMENT OF AIRBORNE $sup 203$Hg. (in German)

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Staatliche Zentrale fuer Strahlenschutz, Berlin (East Germany)
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OSTI ID: 4656123
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SZS--19/71 (pp 13-20)
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Technical Report
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Other Information: UNCL. Orig. Receipt Date: 31-DEC-72
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N40130* --Chemistry--Analytical & Separations Chemistry-- Radiometric & Radiochemical Procedures; ADSORPTION; AIR; COPPER OXIDES; GAMMA SPECTROMETERS; MANGANESE OXIDES; MERCURY 203; QUANTITATIVE CHEMICAL ANALYSIS MERCURY ISOTOPES Hg-203/determination of airborne, by sorption on hopcalite and $gamma$ counting; AIR/analysis for mercury-203 by sorption on hopcalite and $gamma$ counting

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Rehak, W., and Ubl, G. ASSESSMENT OF AIRBORNE $sup 203$Hg.. DD: N. p., 1972. Web.
Rehak, W., & Ubl, G. ASSESSMENT OF AIRBORNE $sup 203$Hg.. DD.
Rehak, W., and Ubl, G. 1972. "ASSESSMENT OF AIRBORNE $sup 203$Hg.". DD. doi:.
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  • This study analyzed epidemiological and experimental animal studies in order to develop exposure-response relationships for radon-induced cancer. These relationships were used to estimate lifetime risks and annual excess cases based on the available waterborne and airborne data for Illinois. Exceedances of the USEPA action level of 4pCi/l occurred in 13% of 303 first-floor measurements and 43% of 1094 basement measurements. For waterborne radon, the highest lifetime risk of cancer mortality associated with an Illinois groundwater-based drinking water system was estimated to be 4 x 104. The number of excess cases of fatal cancer generated per year in Illinois was estimatedmore » to be about six. For airborne radon, a tentative value of 0.9 pCi/l (for first floors), derived from the limited existing data, was used to estimate the average lifetime lung-cancer mortality risk and the number of excess cases of fatal lung cancer generated per year. The average lifetime lung-cancer mortality risk was estimated to be 0.0048, and the annual number of excess cases of fatal lung cancer was estimated to be 784. Due to the nature of the underlying exposure-response relationships for radon-induced cancer, the values presented most likely represent upper-bound estimates.« less
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  • The identification and assessment of airborne carcinogens has been significantly advanced by the use of short-term genetic bioassays. Bioassay-directed fractionation coupled with new organic characterization methods has provided the tools needed to more efficiently identify potential carcinogens in complex combustion emissions and urban air samples. These studies have shown that a significant portion of the mutagenicity is found in fractions more polar than polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). New mass-spectrometry techniques have been developed to identify and quantify the more polar mutagens in these samples. The comparative mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of a series of combustion emissions has been assessed using dose-responsemore » studies in bacteria, mammalian cells and rodents. This data base has been used to develop a comparative potency risk assessment methodology for a series of combustion emissions.« less
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  • The constituent particles of many ambient and workplace aerosols of health effects concerns are of fibrous and aggregate geometric shapes. The deposition sites of inhaled particles in the human respiratory system are primarily related to their aerodynamic diameters. Therefore, to assess potential exposure hazards it is necessary to have accurate kinetic classifications of airborne particulate matter. A tested theory of operation is given so centrifugal spectrometers can give direct and continuously graded measures of the aerodynamic size distributions of irregular aerosols. Aerosol centrifuge performance therefore can be customized to specific applications and be integrated into health effects studies.