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Title: Multi-purpose sodium test loop ML-1 at the Madrid nuclear energy center (in German)

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Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe (F.R. Germany). Inst. fuer Material- und Festkoerperforschung
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Technical Report
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Other Information: 4 figs. Orig. Receipt Date: 31-DEC-75
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Oltra Oltra, F., Leising, H.A., and Bojarsky, E.. Multi-purpose sodium test loop ML-1 at the Madrid nuclear energy center. Germany: N. p., 1974. Web.
Oltra Oltra, F., Leising, H.A., & Bojarsky, E.. Multi-purpose sodium test loop ML-1 at the Madrid nuclear energy center. Germany.
Oltra Oltra, F., Leising, H.A., and Bojarsky, E.. 1974. "Multi-purpose sodium test loop ML-1 at the Madrid nuclear energy center". Germany. doi:.
title = {Multi-purpose sodium test loop ML-1 at the Madrid nuclear energy center},
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  • The fabrication, inspection, shipment, and mechanical properties of a modified 9 Cr-1 steel test article for exposure in the Sodium Components Test Loop (SCTL) at the Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC) are described. The test article delivered consisted of modified 9 Cr-1 Mo steel pipe 232 mm in diameter by 12.7-mm wall by 610 mm long. This pipe was safe ended with type 304L stainless steel spool pieces 152 mm long on each end. The joint between modified 9 Cr-1 Mo and type 304L was made with ERNiCr-3 filler wire. The entire test article was postweld heat treated 1 hmore » at 732/sup 0/C and ultrasonically inspected before use. Radiography was used to inspect the welds between modified 9 Cr-1 Mo and type 304L stainless steel. The test article was delivered to ETEC on schedule on October 4, 1982. After delivery of the test article, we fabricated an additional piece of the same dimensions by the same procedure for archive purposes, mechanical property testing, and comparison with the actual test article after test. A part of this archive piece also provided a nondestructive examination standard for in-service inspection for ETEC. The archive specimen has already been subjected to tensile and creep testing, microstructural evaluation, and thermal aging for 2000 h at 510/sup 0/C. The test article has completed a year of operation in the SCTL. We expect to remove this pipe after three years of operation for testing and examination.« less
  • This report presents a conceptual design for a new high-temperature multi fluid, multi loop test facility for the INL to support thermal hydraulic, materials, and thermal energy storage research for nuclear and nuclear-hybrid applications. In its initial configuration, the facility will include a high-temperature helium loop, a liquid salt loop, and a hot water/steam loop. The three loops will be thermally coupled through an intermediate heat exchanger (IHX) and a secondary heat exchanger (SHX). Research topics to be addressed with this facility include the characterization and performance evaluation of candidate compact heat exchangers such as printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHEs)more » at prototypical operating conditions, flow and heat transfer issues related to core thermal hydraulics in advanced helium-cooled and salt-cooled reactors, and evaluation of corrosion behavior of new cladding materials and accident-tolerant fuels for LWRs at prototypical conditions. Based on its relevance to advanced reactor systems, the new facility has been named the Advanced Reactor Technology Integral System Test (ARTIST) facility. Research performed in this facility will advance the state of the art and technology readiness level of high temperature intermediate heat exchangers (IHXs) for nuclear applications while establishing the INL as a center of excellence for the development and certification of this technology. The thermal energy storage capability will support research and demonstration activities related to process heat delivery for a variety of hybrid energy systems and grid stabilization strategies. Experimental results obtained from this research will assist in development of reliable predictive models for thermal hydraulic design and safety codes over the range of expected advanced reactor operating conditions. Proposed/existing IHX heat transfer and friction correlations and criteria will be assessed with information on materials compatibility and instrumentation needs. The experimental database will guide development of appropriate predictive methods and be available for code verification and validation (V&V) related to these systems.« less
  • A summary is given of the discussion at the design review meeting for the solar heating and hot water system for the Multi-Purpose Senior Center held on January 23, 1978 at the Redstone Arsenal. Schematic diagrams for total solar-HVAC, direct solar heating, solar domestic water heating; heating from storage, and store solar heat are attached.