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Title: Compositions and methods comprising conductive metal organic frameworks and uses thereof


Compositions and methods comprising metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and related uses are generally provided. In some embodiments, a MOF comprises a plurality of metal ions, each coordinated with at least one ligand comprising at least two sets of ortho-diimine groups arranged about an organic core.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (United States)
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)
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SC0006937; SC0001088
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Patent File Date: 2015 May 06
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United States

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Dinca, Mircea, Sheberla, Dennis, Sun, Lei, Wade, Casey R., and Campbell, Michael Glenn. Compositions and methods comprising conductive metal organic frameworks and uses thereof. United States: N. p., 2019. Web.
Dinca, Mircea, Sheberla, Dennis, Sun, Lei, Wade, Casey R., & Campbell, Michael Glenn. Compositions and methods comprising conductive metal organic frameworks and uses thereof. United States.
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