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Title: In situ recovery of bio-based carboxylic acids


The economics of chemical and biological processes is often dominated by the expense of downstream product separations from dilute product streams.

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  1. National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)
  2. Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA (United States)
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Research Org.:
National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
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OSTI ID: 1434342
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Journal ID: ISSN 1463-9262; GRCHFJ
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Journal Article: Accepted Manuscript
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Green Chemistry
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Journal Volume: 20; Journal Issue: 8; Journal ID: ISSN 1463-9262
Royal Society of Chemistry
Country of Publication:
United States
09 BIOMASS FUELS; liquid-liquid extraction; in situ product recovery; distillation; carboxylic acids

Citation Formats

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Saboe, Patrick O., Manker, Lorenz P., Michener, William E., Peterson, Darren J., Brandner, David G., Deutch, Stephen P., Kumar, Manish, Cywar, Robin M., Beckham, Gregg T., & Karp, Eric M. In situ recovery of bio-based carboxylic acids. United States. doi:10.1039/C7GC03747C.
Saboe, Patrick O., Manker, Lorenz P., Michener, William E., Peterson, Darren J., Brandner, David G., Deutch, Stephen P., Kumar, Manish, Cywar, Robin M., Beckham, Gregg T., and Karp, Eric M. Mon . "In situ recovery of bio-based carboxylic acids". United States. doi:10.1039/C7GC03747C.
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Figures / Tables:

Fig. 1 Fig. 1: Proposed distillation based in situ product recovery (ISPR) system to recover free acids. Acids present in bioreactor (1) are extracted into an organic phase through a hollow fiber membrane contactor (2). The bioreactor media and cells are recycled (3) and the organic phase is passed into a distillationmore » column (4) where neat free acids are vaporized (5) recovered as a distillate from the heavy organic phase (6).« less

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