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Title: Laser Propagation and Parametric Decay in a Magnetized Plasma

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Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
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Conference: Presented at: APS Division of Plasma Physics, Milwaukee, WI, United States, Oct 23 - Oct 27, 2017
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United States

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Los, E, Strozzi, D J, Chapman, T, Farmer, W A, & Cohen, B I. Laser Propagation and Parametric Decay in a Magnetized Plasma. United States.
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  • The plasma turbulence resulting from the parametric decay of an intense pump wave into two lower hybrid waves in a magnetized plasma with ''magnetized'' electrons is analyzed. The threshold electric field for this parametric instability is directly proportional to the external magnetic field. The instability is saturated by induced scattering of the electrostatic waves on the ions. A nonlinear integro-differential equation for the spectral energy density at the lower hybrid resonance is obtained for small detuning and is solved in two limiting cases: differential and integral energy pumping over the spectrum. The solution yields the electrostatic energy density in themore » stationary turbulent state, the coefficient of nonlinear conversion of the pump into the lower hybrid resonance waves, and the scale times for the evolution of the turbulence. Illustrative numerical estimates for the plasma of the polar ionosphere are carried out on the basis of the final equations describing the plasma turbulence as a function of the properties of the pump wave, the plasma, and the fixed external magnetic field. (AIP)« less
  • We consider the effects of a weak ambient magnetic field on the oscillating two stream and parametric decay instabilities, with particular emphasis on the dependence on the angular variation of the instability thresholds and growth rates on the magnetic field. A dispersion relation is derived in the limit in which omega sub e >> Omega sub e (where omega sub e and Omega sub e are the electron plasma and cyclotron frequencies respectively), and is solved for dipole and monochromatic pump spectra. The analysis shows that the presence of a magnetic field can substantially enhance thresholds and reduce growth ratesmore » for waves propagating at an oblique angle with respect to the magnetic field and (k lambda sub e)-squared approximately = (Omega sub e/omega sub e)-squared (where k is the wavevector of the perturbation and lambda sub e the Debye length). Thus, the magnetic field has a stabilizing influence on the off-parallel propagating modes.« less