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Title: Multidimensional materials and device architectures for future hybrid energy storage

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Publication Date:
Research Org.:
Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC) (United States). Nanostructures for Electrical Energy Storage (NEES)
Sponsoring Org.:
USDOE Office of Science (SC), Basic Energy Sciences (BES) (SC-22)
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Resource Type:
Journal Article
Journal Name:
Nature Communications
Additional Journal Information:
Journal Volume: 7; Related Information: NEES partners with University of Maryland (lead); University of California, Irvine; University of Florida; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Sandia National Laboratories; Yale University; Journal ID: ISSN 2041-1723
Nature Publishing Group
Country of Publication:
United States
bio-inspired, energy storage (including batteries and capacitors), defects, charge transport, synthesis (novel materials), synthesis (self-assembly), synthesis (scalable processing)

Citation Formats

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