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Title: Enhancing the Thermoelectric Power Factor by Using Invisible Dopants

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Publication Date:
Research Org.:
Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC) (United States). Solid-State Solar-Thermal Energy Conversion Center (S3TEC)
Sponsoring Org.:
USDOE Office of Science (SC), Basic Energy Sciences (BES) (SC-22)
OSTI Identifier:
DOE Contract Number:  
SC0001299; FG02-09ER46577
Resource Type:
Journal Article
Journal Name:
Advanced Materials
Additional Journal Information:
Journal Volume: 25; Journal Issue: 11; Related Information: S3TEC partners with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (lead); Boston College; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Journal ID: ISSN 0935-9648
Country of Publication:
United States
solar (photovoltaic), solar (thermal), solid state lighting, phonons, thermal conductivity, thermoelectric, defects, mechanical behavior, charge transport, spin dynamics, materials and chemistry by design, optics, synthesis (novel materials), synthesis (self-assembly), synthesis (scalable processing)

Citation Formats

Zebarjadi, Mona, Liao, Bolin, Esfarjani, Keivan, Dresselhaus, Mildred, and Chen, Gang. Enhancing the Thermoelectric Power Factor by Using Invisible Dopants. United States: N. p., 2013. Web. doi:10.1002/adma.201204802.
Zebarjadi, Mona, Liao, Bolin, Esfarjani, Keivan, Dresselhaus, Mildred, & Chen, Gang. Enhancing the Thermoelectric Power Factor by Using Invisible Dopants. United States. doi:10.1002/adma.201204802.
Zebarjadi, Mona, Liao, Bolin, Esfarjani, Keivan, Dresselhaus, Mildred, and Chen, Gang. Thu . "Enhancing the Thermoelectric Power Factor by Using Invisible Dopants". United States. doi:10.1002/adma.201204802.
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