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Title: JAS PR Briefing Ver2.


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Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)
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USDOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
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United States

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Heller, Mellisa, and Napier, Mathew. JAS PR Briefing Ver2.. United States: N. p., 2016. Web.
Heller, Mellisa, & Napier, Mathew. JAS PR Briefing Ver2.. United States.
Heller, Mellisa, and Napier, Mathew. 2016. "JAS PR Briefing Ver2.". United States. doi:.
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  • A briefing on isotope systems technology and applications was held at the Pentagon on 9 May 1990, cosponsored by the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. The objective was to provide isotope systems information to interested individuals and offices from the DOD and the Services, and then to discuss potential uses of this technology within the defense community. Presentations were given on the useful characteristics of radioactive decay, isotope sources, properties of specific isotopes, and details of isotope systems that have been deployed for terrestrial and space applications. Application areas covered included: electrical, thermal and mechanical energy conversionmore » systems; radiation applications; and radioluminescent lights. Talks were also given on system licensing and approvals, and conclusions from the 1986 workshop on isotope systems applications. This document contains the meeting agenda, copies of the vu-graphs used in the presentations, face sheets given to meeting attendees, a list of attendees, and supplementary information requested during the meeting.« less
  • The proceedings document presentations made during an EPA-sponsored industry briefing which was held on July 19, 1984, in San Antonio, Texas. The briefing dealt with the status of EPA's research activities on the organic-acid-enhanced limestone flue gas desulfurization process. Subjects covered included: (1) technical and economic evaluation of organic acid addition to the San Miguel FGD system - results of parametric tests, (2) technical and economic evaluation of organic acid addition to the San Miguel FGD system - the utility's perspective, (3) results of the first two years of commercial operation of an organic-acid-enhanced FGD system, (4) economics of retrofittingmore » Big Rivers Electric Corporation's lime based FGD system to organic-acid-enhanced limestone operations, and (5) an economic evaluation of limestone and lime flue gas desulfurization processes for new systems. The briefing provided users, architects and engineers, vendors, consultants, and government personnel with a comprehensive assessment of this innovative technology for controlling sulfur dioxide emissions. All five papers in this proceddings have been processed for inclusion in the Energy Data Base.« less
  • The Oil Pollution Prevention Program at headquarters in EPA is in the Emergency Response Division and we are sort of stepchildren to the Superfund Program. We don't spend the same money, but there are so many parallels in the response aspects in responding to oil spills and hazardous materials spills and in prevention program that we are organizationally put together and it really makes a lot of sense. We are able to help each other and work with each other on a lot of the concepts.
  • Sam Hughes, Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental and Institutional Relations, DOE, made the introductions at the public briefing on electric rate structuring, February 28, 1978 in Washington, D.C. Ms. Tina Hobson served as moderator. A panel of experts on energy issues responded to questions that consumer and public interest groups raised about energy issues, particularly electric rate structures. DOE panel members were: David Bordin, Charles Curtis, Robert R. Nordhaus, Hazel R. Rollins, and Douglas C. Bauer. Thirty-six questions previously submitted by consumer and public interest groups are listed and the answers prepared by DOE program offices are published in Appendix A.more » After the briefing, the questions posed at the meeting are re-examined and detailed answers are published by DOE program offices.« less
  • This report first lists 94 questions raised relative to the DOE public briefing on appropriate technology. The keynote speaker was John O'Leary who gave some perceptions of the future. The introductory speech was given by Phillip S. Hughes. Panel members from DOE who provided answers to the questions were: Maxine Savitz, John Deutch, Robert Thorne, and Donald Beattie. (MCW)