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Title: Solar Asset Management Softeware

  1. Ra Power Management, Inc., Oakland, CA (United States)
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Ra Power Management, Inc., Oakland, CA (United States)
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
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Technical Report
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United States
14 SOLAR ENERGY; Solar, Asset Management; Finance, Loans; Lease; Operations; Software; Transparency; Efficiency; Financing, Securitization

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  • Ra Power Management (RPM) has developed a cloud based software platform that manages the financial and operational functions of third party financed solar projects throughout their lifecycle. RPM’s software streamlines and automates the sales, financing, and management of a portfolio of solar assets. The software helps solar developers automate the most difficult aspects of asset management, leading to increased transparency, efficiency, and reduction in human error. More importantly, our platform will help developers save money by improving their operating margins.
  • Developing business strategies for the changing electric generation marketplace requires understanding and evaluation of the risks and uncertainties which can influence decisions. The nuclear asset strategy is particularly significant because of the magnitude of the invested capital and the contribution nuclear plants make to a utility`s generation. This report illustrates the nuclear asset management process developed by Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) and EPRI to examine the influences on decisions necessary to build a strategy for the future operation of the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant (CCNPP).
  • Declining budgets have prompted the need to decrease launch cost, increase satellite lifetime, and accomplish more with each satellite. This study evaluates an OOAMS system for its ability to lengthen lifetime of on-orbit assets, decrease the number of satellites required to perform a mission, increase responsiveness, and provide increased mission capability/tactical advantage. Lifetime analysis suggest that the larger satellite systems (NASA and military communication systems, surveillance satellites and earth observing satellites) would benefit most from a nuclear bimodal OOAMS. Evaluation of satellite constellations indicate that a modest reduction in the number of satellites could be realized using OOAMS if themore » thermal restart capability was at least ten. An OOAMS could improve the responsiveness (launching of new assets) using on-orbit reconstitution of assets. A top level utility assessment was done to address system cost issues relating to funding profiles, first unit cost, and break-even analysis. From mission capture and orbital lifetime criteria, the recommended minimum orbital altitude is 900 km. The on-orbit thermal restart capability should be increased from five to ten. Analysis of total impulse vs propellant consumed for selected missions suggests that total impulse be increased from 40 million to 48 million Newton-seconds.« less
  • Strategic Asset Management begins with a fundamental premise -- that all asset management decisions made by utilities should contribute to stakeholder value -- and applies this premise in decision processes at every level of the organization. The resulting alignment of decisions with value measures translated from the corporate vision ensures that every asset management decision consistently supports the strategic objective to deliver value. This report depicts the process of Strategic Asset Management using an extended metaphor. The assessment of the current business situation is presented as Facing New Realities. The activities required to develop a value model showing which stakeholdersmore » are involved and what value measures indicate success are portrayed as choosing the destination for a voyage From Vision to Value. Envisioning the future, identifying uncertainties, developing alternatives, and creating candidate strategies are tasks that comprise Charting the Course. Using decision analysis to link strategic alternatives to corporate value, evaluate the risk and return of each alternative, and compare alternatives within a portfolio to find out which ones are best becomes Deploying the Fleet. Finally, the myriad activities required to gain commitment and implement the most robust strategy are depicted as Making the Voyage.« less