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Title: On the Relationship between the Natural Line Width and Lifetime of X-Ray Transitions

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  1. ORNL
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Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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USDOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
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Conference: INMM 56th Annual Meeting, Indian Wells, CA, USA, 20150712, 20150712
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United States

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Croft, Stephen, Nicholson, Andrew D, McElroy, Robert Dennis, and Guzzardo, Tyler. On the Relationship between the Natural Line Width and Lifetime of X-Ray Transitions. United States: N. p., 2015. Web.
Croft, Stephen, Nicholson, Andrew D, McElroy, Robert Dennis, & Guzzardo, Tyler. On the Relationship between the Natural Line Width and Lifetime of X-Ray Transitions. United States.
Croft, Stephen, Nicholson, Andrew D, McElroy, Robert Dennis, and Guzzardo, Tyler. 2015. "On the Relationship between the Natural Line Width and Lifetime of X-Ray Transitions". United States. doi:.
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  • An initial study of the characteristics of sub-natural line width resonances in iodine excited by polychromatic laser light has been made. Results of theoretical calculation are presented. Under proper experimental conditions super-narrow resonances with high contrast can be found.
  • The relationship among the grain structure, texture, and electromigration lifetime of four Al-1% silicon metallizations produced under similar sputtering conditions was explored. The grain sizes and distributions were similar and the grain structure was near-bamboo for all metallizations. All metallizations exhibited a near-(111) fiber texture, as determined by the pole figure technique. Differences in electromigration behavior were noted. Three of the metallizations exhibited a bimodal failure distribution while the fourth was monomodal and had the longest electromigration lifetime. The electromigration lifetime was directly related to the strength of the (111) fiber texture in the metallization as anticipated. However, whereas themore » grain size distribution has an effect on the electromigration lifetime when metallization lines are several grains wide, the electromigration lifetime of these near-bamboo metallizations appeared independent of the grain structure. It was also observed that a number of failures occurred in the 8 [mu]m interconnect supplying the 5 [mu]m wide test lines. This apparently reflects an increased susceptibility of the wider interconnect lines to electromigration damage. 21 refs., 7 figs., 3 tabs.« less
  • Jilin province is in the middle of the north eastern region of China. Several endemic diseases are recognized there: endemic goiter, endemic fluorosis, Kaschin - Beck disease and Keshan disease. Their etiology is uncertain but they are widely distributed in rural areas which are not contaminated by industrial waste. This study shows that there is a regular distribution of some trace elements (Se, Mo, I, F) in soil, crops and drinking water as the natural environmental factors (topography, climate, types of soil and plant) vary from east to west in the province. Endemic goiter is widely spread in the uplandmore » areas, which are deficient in iodine. Iodine levels in the drinking water were less than 5.0 ug/l which accounted for 60.72% of total samples. Endemic fluorosis was distributed only in the lowland areas of the plains. Fluorine contents in 80% of water samples were more than 2.1 mg/1 in the disease areas. Kaschin-Bec, disease and Keshan disease were distributed in the mountains and hills of the eastern part of the province. The selenium and molybdenum contents of soils, crops and drinking water in the disease areas were lower than those of non-disease areas. The difference between them was significant (p < 0.01). Kaschin-Beck disease also occurred in the local plains where there were selenium deficiencies in crops and drinking water. The relationship between Kaschin-Beck disease and selenium in grains (corn) presented a significant correlation Keshan disease is also associated with deficiency in selenium and molybdenum. 13 references, 2 figures, 6 tables.« less
  • Previous studies have identified the presence of laminin binding sites on murine NK and NC sensitive tumor cells by /sup 125/I-laminin binding and laminin induced cell-cell aggregation. The finding that the addition of exogenous laminin inhibits NK/NC binding to sensitive tumor cells suggests laminin binding sites may serve as target antigens for NK cells. The present study extends earlier reports by analyzing a large panel of tumor cells for laminin binding capacity, laminin expression and sensitivity to NK/NC killing. The data indicate that all tumor cells which bind to NK/NC cells (8 lines tested) express laminin binding sites. All ofmore » these tumor cells were capable of competing for NK lysis of YAC-1 cells in cold target competition assays, and all bound enriched NK cells in direct single cell binding assays. In contrast, tumor cells expressing high levels of surface laminin (B16 melanomas, C57B1/6 fibrosarcomas, and RAS transfected 3T3 fibroblasts) but low levels of laminin binding capacity did not bind NK/NC cells and were resistant to lysis. These data support the hypothesis that expression of laminin/laminin binding sites may contribute to tumor cell sensitivity to NK/NC binding and/or killing.« less
  • A direct comparison has been made between the azimuth of wellbore breakouts determined from dipmeter logs with oriented four-arm calipers, the orientation of natural fractures observed in oriented core, and the directions of the principal horizontal in situ stresses determined from hydraulic fracture tests. This comparison shows that the direction of the long axes of breakouts are aligned with the minimum horizontal stress. Breakouts occurred independent of natural fracture occurrence, and are oriented nearly perpendicular to the average strike of near vertical fractures. These observations suggest that analysis of dipmeter logs with oriented four-arm calipers or televiewer logs could providemore » an inexpensive and reliable method of determining the principal horizontal in situ stress directions. 12 refs., 5 figs.« less