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Title: Flowable Conducting Particle Networks in Redox-Active Electrolytes for Grid Energy Storage

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Research Org.:
Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC); Fluid Interface Reactions, Structures and Transport Center (FIRST)
Sponsoring Org.:
USDOE Office of Science (SC), Basic Energy Sciences (BES) (SC-22)
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Resource Type:
Journal Article
Journal Name:
J of the Electrochemical Society
Additional Journal Information:
Journal Volume: 162; Related Information: FIRST partners with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (lead); Argonne National Laboratory; Drexel University; Georgia State University; Northwestern University; Pennsylvania State University; Suffolk University; Vanderbilt University; University of Virginia
Country of Publication:
United States
catalysis (heterogeneous), solar (fuels), energy storage (including batteries and capacitors), hydrogen and fuel cells, electrodes - solar, mechanical behavior, charge transport, materials and chemistry by design, synthesis (novel materials)

Citation Formats

Hatzell, K. B., Boota, M., Kumbur, E. C., and Gogotsi, Y. Flowable Conducting Particle Networks in Redox-Active Electrolytes for Grid Energy Storage. United States: N. p., 2015. Web. doi:10.1149/2.0011505jes.
Hatzell, K. B., Boota, M., Kumbur, E. C., & Gogotsi, Y. Flowable Conducting Particle Networks in Redox-Active Electrolytes for Grid Energy Storage. United States. doi:10.1149/2.0011505jes.
Hatzell, K. B., Boota, M., Kumbur, E. C., and Gogotsi, Y. Fri . "Flowable Conducting Particle Networks in Redox-Active Electrolytes for Grid Energy Storage". United States. doi:10.1149/2.0011505jes.
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