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Title: LANL Atomics Women Organization presentation


The Powerpoint presentation highlights various activities at LANL that focus on countering and reducing world-wide nuclear threats.

  1. Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)
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USDOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
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Conference: Atomic Women Organization Meeting, Los Alamos, NM (United States), 24 Feb 2015
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United States

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  • Since its inception in 1927, the premier Non Governmental Organisation for Women, the All India Women`s Conference (AIWC), has been working for the upliftment and emancipation of women, and one important activity is centered on meeting the needs of women for energy, particularly for cooking and other household needs, especially where commercial energy cannot be made available to them or the price for the same is beyond their reach. For nearly two decades, AIWC has been implementing various schemes for meeting their daily energy needs both in rural and urban areas, by using renewable sources of energy, including, solar power,more » biogas and improved woodstoves. The results of these programs conducted consistently all over India through their large network of branches have shown highly beneficial results for the rural and urban women, minimizing their drudgery and saving them from smoke results diseases. In addition, they also serve to empower the women through the income generation component of the programs along with an improvement in their overall quality of life. AIWC`s experience has shown that more emphasis should be given on users` training and awareness and also to strength the capacity building of the NGO`s implementing these programs.« less
  • Rockwell International's Atomics International Division is presently developing molten salt processes for the gasification of coal. In these processes, the coal is partially oxidized and completely gasified by reaction with air or with oxygen and steam in a bed of molten sodium carbonate. The gasification takes place at temperatures of 1700 to 1800/sup 0/F and pressures of 10 to 30 atm. The sulfur and ash of the coal are retained in the melt. A nonpolluting low- or medium-Btu gas is produced which can be used as fuel gas for electric utility or industrial applications or as a synthesis gas formore » the production of pipeline quality gas, methanol, or liquid hydrocarbons. A sidestream of melt is withdrawn from the gasifier and processed in an aqueous regeneration system for removal of ash, recovery of elemental sulfur, and return of the regenerated sodium carbonate to the gasifier. This report describes the mass and heat balance around the molten salt gasifier and the composition of the fuel gas produced as a function of air-to-coal or oxygen-and steam-to-coal feed ratios and system heat losses. Calculated values are compared with the experimental data obtained in laboratory and small scale pilot plant tests. The calculational procedures described in this report provide the necessary means for developing a first approximation model of the operation of the molten salt gasifier. While the experimental work has confirmed the applicability of these procedures to the analysis of the performance of laboratory-scale and small pilot plant-scale gasification tests, additional work needs to be done to develop a better definition of methane production and of the effect of operation at elevated pressures (10 to 30 atm).« less
  • Abstract not provided.