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Title: Shipping Plan for the "Establish Americium-Oxide Production Capability Project

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  1. Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)
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Technical Report
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United States
Isotope & Radiation Sources(07); Americium-Oxide Shipping Containers

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Vigil, Toby J., Schulte, Louis D., Cassidy, Linda E., and Caviness, Michael L. Shipping Plan for the "Establish Americium-Oxide Production Capability Project. United States: N. p., 2014. Web. doi:10.2172/1133773.
Vigil, Toby J., Schulte, Louis D., Cassidy, Linda E., & Caviness, Michael L. Shipping Plan for the "Establish Americium-Oxide Production Capability Project. United States. doi:10.2172/1133773.
Vigil, Toby J., Schulte, Louis D., Cassidy, Linda E., and Caviness, Michael L. Mon . "Shipping Plan for the "Establish Americium-Oxide Production Capability Project". United States. doi:10.2172/1133773.
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Technical Report:

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  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has been tasked to develop a Pilot-scale Plutonium-oxide Processing Unit (P3U) providing a flexible capability to produce 200g (Pu basis) samples of plutonium oxide using different chemical processes for use in identifying and validating nuclear forensics signatures associated with plutonium production. Materials produced can also be used as exercise and reference materials.
  • This document establishes the project management plan for design and development of the Object Supply Capability Adaptive Redesign (OSCAR) Project. The purpose of the project management plan is to document the plans, goals, directions, commitments, approaches, and decisions that relate to guiding a project throughout its life cycle. Special attention is given to project goals, deliverables, sponsor and project standards, project resources, schedule, and cost estimates.
  • The analysis in this document serves the purpose of defining a number of attributes in selection of feed items to be utilized in recovery/recycle of Pu and also production operations of 241AmO 2 material intended to meet specification requirements. This document was written in response to a specific request on the part of the 2014 annual program review which took place over the dates of October 28-29, 2014. A number of feed attributes are noted including: (1) Non-interference with existing Pu recovery operations; (2) Content of sufficient 241Am to allow process efficiency in recovery operations; (3) Absence of indications thatmore » 243Am might be mixed in with the Pu/ 241Am material; (4) Absence of indications that Cm might be mixed in with the Pu/ 241Am material; (5) Absence of indications of other chemical elements that would present difficulty in chemical separation from 241Am; (6) Feed material not expected to present difficulty in dissolution; (7) Dose issues; (8) Process efficiency; (9) Size; (10) Hazard associated with items and package configuration in the vault; (11) Within existing NEPA documentation. The analysis in this document provides a baseline of attributes considered for feed materials, but does not presume to replace the need for technical expertise and judgment on the part of individuals responsible for selecting the material feed to be processed. This document is not comprehensive as regards all attributes that could prove to be important. The value of placing a formal QA hold point on accepting feed items versus more informal management of feed items is discussed in the summation of this analysis. The existing planned QA hold points on 241AmO 2 products produced and packaged may be adequate as the entire project is based on QA of the product rather than QA of the process. The probability of introduction of items that would inherently cause the 241AmO 2 products produced to be outside of specification requirements appears to be rather small.« less
  • A method has been developed for making americium- beryllium neutron sources by the reduction of americium oxide with beryllium. This method has a certain number of advantages over those using a target-emitter mixture without formation of the definite compound AmBe{sub 13}. An emission of 3. 75 x 10{sup 6} n/sec. is obtained with 1 gram of alloy having a volume of about 0.3 cm{sup 3}. The yield of such a source is 2 x 10{sup 6} n/sec/Ci of emitter. (authors) [French] Nous avons mis au point une methode de fabrication de sources de neutrons americium-beryllium, en reduisant l'oxyde d'americium parmore » le beryllium. Cette methode offre un certain nombre d'avantages par rapport a celles qui utilisent le melange cible-emetteur sans formation du compose defini AmBe{sub 13}. Une emission de 3.75 x 10{sup 6} n/s est realisee avec 1 gramme d'alliage occupant un volume d'environ 0,3 cm{sup 3}. Le rendement de telles sources est 2 x 10{sup 6} n/s/Ci d'emetteur. (auteurs)« less
  • This document establishes the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for the National Guard Bureau Objective Supply Capability Adaptive Redesign (OSCAR) project activities under the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) management. It defines the requirements and assigns responsibilities for ensuring, with a high degree of confidence, that project objectives will be achieved as planned. The QAP outlined herein is responsive to and meets the Quality Assurance Program standards for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation and ORNL and the ORNL Computing, Robotics, and Education Directorate (CRE). This document is intended to be in compliance with DOE Ordermore » 5700.6C, Quality Assurance Program, and the ORNL Standard Practice Procedure, SPP X-QA-8, Quality Assurance for ORNL Computing Software. This standard allows individual organizations to apply the stated requirements in a flexible manner suitable to the type of activity involved. Section I of this document provides an introduction to the OSCAR project QAP; Sections 2 and 3 describe the specific aspects of quality assurance as applicable to the OSCAR project. Section 4 describes the project approach to risk management. The Risk Management Matrix given in Appendix A is a tool to assess, prioritize, and prevent problems before they occur. Therefore, the matrix will be reviewed and revised on a periodic basis.« less