Transcript - Fast Facts

what has the DOE accomplished?

  • decoded 3 of the chromosomes in your DNA
  • developed battery that powered many spacecraft, including the lunar lander
  • built a pre-Pong video game in 1958
  • won more than 80 Nobel prizes
  • discovered 8 of the transuranium elements that are on the Periodic Table
  • advanced medicine by contributing to the development of CAT, PET, and MRI scanners
Did you know that DOE also
  • discovered the path of carbon in photo-synthesis, which led to solar energy research
  • found a way to determine the age of plant-based artifacts utilizing the decay rate of carbon-14
  • this dating technique has been used to determine the age of mummies, prehistoric artifacts, and dwellings
  • invented the cathode materials that are used in your cell phone

DOE Researchers also

  • developed an anti-jet-lag diet
  • provided evidence as to why dinosaurs are extinct
  • discovered the molecule nicknamed the Buckyball
  • developed the Eightfold Way
  • detected the neutrino
  • developed Ultra Violet Waterworks
  • provided the concept of the Cooper pairs

DOE Also

  • invented the bubble chamber
  • developed the nuclear shell model
  • discovered the Lamb Shift phenomenon
  • invented the cyclotron
  • created the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction
  • established international computer communications in 1970

… and much more …

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