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US 2,690,379 PROCESS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF DEUTERIUM OXIDE AS A SOURCE OF DEUTERIUM – Urey, H. C. and Grosse, A. V.; September 28, 1954 (to U. S. Atomic Energy Commission)
The production of water having a high percentage of heavy water or deuterium oxide comprises bringing deuterium containing hydrogen and water together in a reaction chamber and catalyzing the equilibrium reaction between them to obtain water enriched in deuterium by means of a catalyst comprising an element selected from the group consisting of nickel, cobalt, iron, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, platinum, molybdenum, tungsten, and rhenium, and compounds thereof, the catalyst being supported on a relatively inert base.

US 2,741,543 PROCESS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF DEUTERIUM OXIDE – Urey, H. C.; April 10, 1956 (to U. S. Atomic Energy Commission)
The process consists of establishing a countercurrent flow of a mercaptan and a dilute aqueous solution of an alkali in a countercurrent system comprising a least 2 stages, mixing the mercaptan and the solution intimately in each of the two stages to cause an exchange of hydrogen isotopes to take place between the mercaptan and the solution, maintaining the two stages at different temperatures to produce different concentrations of D2 in the solution to become relatively high at a point between the temperature states, and withdrawing, at a point between the temperature stages, solution that is enriched with respect to D2. This D-enriched solution is then introduced as the raw material in a second countercurrent system and the enriched product from it into a third and so on until the maximum desired degree of enrichment is reached. (auth)

US 2,947,472 CENTRIFUGE APPARATUS – Urey, H. C.; Skarstrom, C; Cohen, K; August 2, 1960 (to U. S. Atomic Energy Commission)
A high-speed centrifuge for the separation of gaseous isotopes is designed comprising a centrifugal pump mounted on the outlet of a centrifuge bowl and arranged to pump the heavy and light fractions out of the centrifuge bowl in two separate streams.

US 3,284,305 PROCESSES OF PRODUCING ENERGY BY NUCLEAR FISSION – Urey, H. C.; Cohen, K; Barr, F. T.; November 8, 1966 (to U. S. Atomic Energy Commission)
This patent is concerned with a heavy water enriched uranium power reactor capable of producing fissionable material. A central chain reacting zone of heavy water and fissionable material is surrounded by a neutron absorbing zone containing heavy water and fertile material. A separation zone is located above the reactor where the stream from both reaction zone and absorber zone is separated from the liquid and solid materials and circulated to a power generating unit. (auth)


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