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ItemGlenn T. Seaborg - Contributions to Advancing Science
ItemH. David Politzer, Asymptotic Freedom, and Strong Interaction
ItemHans Bethe, Powering the Stars, and Nuclear Physics
ItemHarold Urey, Deuterium, Cosmochemistry, Studies of the Origin of Life, and Theory of Earth's Evolution
ItemHenry Taube and Coordination Chemistry
ItemHermann Muller and Mutations in Drosophila
ItemI. I. Rabi, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), and Radar
ItemIlya Prigogine, Chaos, and Dissipative Structures
ItemIvar Giaever, Tunneling, and Superconductors
ItemJ. Robert Schrieffer and the BCS Theory of Superconductivity
ItemJack Steinberger and the Muon-Neutrino
ItemJames Cronin, CP Violation, and the Pierre Auger Observatory
ItemJames Franck and the “Franck Report”
ItemJerome I. Friedman, Henry W. Kendall, Richard E. Taylor and the Development of the Quark
ItemJohann Deisenhofer, Crystallography, and Proteins
ItemJohn C. Mather, the Big Bang, and the COBE
ItemJulian Schwinger and the Source Theory
ItemKenneth Wilson and Renormalization
ItemL. James Rainwater and the Atomic Nuclei
ItemLeon Cooper, Cooper Pairs, and the BCS Theory
ItemLeon Lederman, the K-meson, the Muon Neutrino, and the Bottom Quark
ItemLuis Alvarez, the Hydrogen Bubble Chamber, Tritium, and Dinosaurs
ItemMaria Goeppert Mayer, the Nuclear Shell Structure, and Magic Numbers
ItemMario Molina, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and Ozone Depletion
ItemMartin Karplus and Computer Modeling for Chemical Systems
ItemMartin Perl and the Tau Lepton
ItemMartinus Veltman, the Electroweak Theory, and Elementary Particle Physics
ItemMasatoshi Koshiba and Cosmic Neutrinos
ItemMelvin Calvin and Carbon in Photosynthesis
ItemMelvin Schwartz and the Discovery of the Muon Neutrino
ItemMichael Levitt and Computational Biology
ItemMurray Gell-Mann, the Eightfold Way, Quarks, and Quantum Chromodynamics
ItemNorman Ramsey and the Separated Oscillatory Fields Method
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