Glenn Seaborg Patents
(1962 - 1965)

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US 3,044,944 (Methods of Preparation of Element 95) G.T. Seaborg, R.A. James; Jul 17, 1962.
A process of making americium by bombarding plutonium or uranium with neutrons or deuterons and aging the mass for decay of the plutonium formed to americium is described. The americium may then be separated by dissolving the mass in aqueous acid and carrier precipitation of the americium, especially on lanthanum or cerous fluoride.

US 3,123,535 (Device for Production of Nuclear Energy from U233) G.T. Seaborg, J.W. Gofman, R.W. Stoughton; Mar 3, 1964.
A system for the production of nuclear energy comprising U233 distributed in a neutron-moderating material is described. The moderator is of Z <16 and has a capture cross section less than one barn. The uranium is so distributed and is in such a mass as to provide for neutron thermalization internally. A chain reaction is thus achieved.

US 3,156,523 (Element 95 and Method of Producing Said Element) G.T. Seaborg; Nov 10, 1964.
A method of separating americium from an aqueous solution, using a lanthanide as carrier, is described.

US 3,158,614 (Process of Precipitating Plutonium and Compounds Formed Thereby) G.T. Seaborg, J.E. Willard, S.G. Thompson; Nov 24, 1964.
A method is described for the selective precipitation of plutonium from aqueous solutions with 8-hydroxyquinoline, quinaldinic acid, salicylaldoxime, salicylic acid, salicylaldehyde or 2,3-dihydroxy-5-tert-butyl-benzalenthylenediamine. The chelate complex of plutonium with 8-hydroxyquinoline is also claimed.

US 3,161,462 (Element 96 and Compositions Thereof) G.T. Seaborg; Dec 15, 1964.
The element having atomic number 96, known as curium, to certain compounds of curium, and methods for producing curium and for separating curium from solutions thereof are discussed.

US 3,190,804 (Method for Producing, Separating, and Purifying Plutonium) G.T. Seaborg, A.C. Wahl, J.W. Kennedy; Jun 22, 1965.
A process is described for producing plutonium from a mixture of 238U and a fissionable isotope of uranium by subjecting the mixture to a self-sustaining neutronic chain reaction and aging both for a time long enough to obtain a transuranic fraction containing at least 90% of plutonium and isolating the plutonium.


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