U.S. DOE Office of Science Success Stories (2011)

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science is the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the United States, providing more than 40 percent of total funding for this vital area of national importance.  The following are 2011 success stories about discovery and innovation.  These are representative accomplishments resulting from DOE Office of Science research.

2011-05-31; Superfast Search Engine speeds Past the Competition, ACC0408

2011-05-16; Scientists Create World’s Smallest Battery, ACC0403

2011-05-09; Using DNA to Build Nanomaterials; Walsh, Karen McNulty; ACC0402

2011-04-15; Beyond Silicon: Cutting the Costs of Solar Power; Ahlberg, Liz; ACC0401

2011-04-08; Getting the Lead Out; Gibson, Kerry; ACC0400

2011-04-01; Thin Sheet of Diamond Has Worlds of Uses; Sagoff, Jared; ACC0399


2011-03-28; The Breakthrough Behind the Chevy Volt Battery; Lerner, Louise; ACC0398

2011-03-28; Premier Tools of Energy Research Also Probe Secrets of Viral Disease; Chui, Glennda; ACC0397

2011-03-28; New Catalyst Opens Way to Next-Generation Fuel Cells; Snyder, Kendra; ACC0396

2011-03-28; Nations Work Together to Discover New Element; Cabage, Bill; ACC0395

2011-03-28; Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines; Lang, Kathryn; ACC0394


2011-03-28; Glass Stronger than Steel; Yarris, Lynn; ACC0393

2011-03-28; From Gasoline to Grassoline: Microbes Produce Fuels Directly from Biomass; Yarris, Lynn; ACC0392

2011-03-28; Firm Uses DOE’s Fastest Supercomputer to Streamline Long-Haul Trucks; ACC0391

2011-03-28; Detecting Nuclear Threats; MacPherson, Kitta; ACC0390

2011-03-28; Cooking Up Hot Quark Soup; Walsh, Karen McNulty; ACC0389


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