R&D Nuggets

Welcome to R&D Nuggets, a complementary adjunct to content found on DOE R&D Accomplishments. R&D Nuggets contains wide-ranging, interesting scientific information and/or links to educational resources and materials. It includes "little" gems or treasures, tidbits of information, and scientific content that is directly related to the content of DOE R&D Accomplishments.

Celebrating Einstein – series of articles about Albert Einstein and his work [added 3/2005]

Compact Portable Electric Power Sources [added 1/2007]

History of the Origin of the Chemical Elements and Their Discoveries [added 1/2007]

National Laboratories and Other Major Labs and Facilities [added 8/2007]

Neutrinos from the Sunmore about solar neutrinos [added 3/2005]

An Overview of Stationary Fuel Cell Technology [added 1/2007]

Periodic Table – with links to information about elements [added 3/2005]

Solar Energy Educational Materials [added 1/2007] more about solar energy

The Tau Lepton and the Search for New Elementary Particle Physics [added 1/2007] more about Perl and Tau Leptons
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