Nobel Physicists Associated with the DOE and Predecessors

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Name Year Nobel Prize In     Year Nobel Prize In
A           2011  
Alexei A. Abrikosov 2003 Physics       Saul Perlmutter Physics
Luis W. Alvarez 1968 Physics          
Carl D. Anderson 1936 Physics       2008  
            Yoichiro Nambu Physics
John Bardeen 1956
Hans A. Bethe 1967 Physics       Peter Grünberg Physics
Felix Bloch 1952 Physics          
Bertram Brockhouse 1994 Physics       2006  
    [Top]       George F. Smoot Physics
            John Mather Physics
Owen Chamberlain 1959 Physics       2004  
Georges Charpak 1992 Physics       David Gross Physics
Steven Chu 1997 Physics       H. David Politzer Physics
Arthur Compton      1927 Physics       Frank Wilczek Physics
Leon Cooper 1972 Physics          
James Cronin 1980 Physics       2003  
    [Top]     Alexei A. Abrikosov Physics
D         2002

Raymond Davis, Jr. 2002 Physics       Raymond Davis, Jr. Physics
          Masatoshi Koshiba Physics
Enrico Fermi 1938 Physics     1999  
Richard P. Feynman 1965 Physics     Martinus Veltman Physics
Val L. Fitch 1980 Physics          
William A. Fowler 1983 Physics       1998  
James Franck           1925 Physics     Robert B. Laughlin Physics
Jerome Friedman 1990 Physics        
    [Top]     1997  
        Steven Chu Physics
Murray Gell-Mann 1969 Physics     1996  
Ivar Giaever 1973 Physics     David Lee Physics
Donald A. Glaser 1960 Physics       Douglas D. Osheroff Physics
Sheldon L. Glashow 1979 Physics        
Maria Goeppert-Mayer 1963 Physics      1995  
David Gross 2004 Physics       Martin L. Perl Physics
Peter Grünberg 2007 Physics     Frederick Reines Physics
H           1994  
Robert Hofstadter 1961 Physics     Bertram Brockhouse Physics
Russell A. Hulse 1993 Physics     Clifford G. Shull Physics
K          1993  
Henry Kendall 1990 Physics       Russell A. Hulse Physics
Masatoshi Koshiba 2002 Physics       Joseph H. Taylor, Jr. Physics
Polykarp Kusch 1955 Physics          
    [Top]       Georges Charpak Physics
Willis E. Lamb 1955 Physics       1990  
Robert B. Laughlin 1998 Physics       Jerome Friedman Physics
Ernest O. Lawrence 1939 Physics       Henry Kendall Physics
Leon Lederman 1988 Physics     Richard Taylor Physics
David Lee 1996 Physics        
Tsung-Dao Lee 1957 Physics     1989  
          Norman F. Ramsey Physics
John Mather 2006 Physics       1988  
Ben Mottelson 1975 Physics     Leon Lederman Physics
    [Top]     Melvin Schwartz Physics
          Jack Steinberger Physics

Yoichiro Nambu 2008 Physics       1983  
          William A. Fowler Physics

Douglas D. Osheroff 1996 Physics     1982  
          Kenneth G. Wilson Physics
Martin L. Perl 1995 Physics     1980  
Saul Perlmutter 2011 Physics     James Cronin Physics
H. David Politzer 2004 Physics     Val L. Fitch Physics
Edward M. Purcell 1952 Physics        
R           Sheldon L. Glashow Physics
Isidor Isaac Rabi 1944 Physics     Abdus Salam Physics
James Rainwater 1975 Physics     Steven Weinberg Physics
Norman F. Ramsey 1989 Physics         
Frederick Reines 1995 Physics       1976  
Burton Richter 1976 Physics       Burton Richter Physics
            Samuel C. C. Ting Physics
S   [Top]          
Abdus Salam 1979 Physics     1975  
J. Robert Schrieffer 1972 Physics       Ben Mottelson Physics
Melvin Schwartz 1988 Physics       James Rainwater Physics
Julian S. Schwinger 1965 Physics        
Emilio Gino Segrè 1959 Physics     1973  
Clifford G. Shull 1994 Physics     Ivar Giaever Physics
George F. Smoot 2006 Physics        
Jack Steinberger 1988 Physics       1972  
            John Bardeen Physics
T           Leon Cooper Physics
Joseph H. Taylor, Jr. 1993 Physics     J. Robert Schrieffer Physics
Richard Taylor 1990 Physics        
Samuel C. C. Ting 1976 Physics     1969  
Charles Townes 1964 Physics       Murray Gell-Mann Physics
V           1968  
Martinus Veltman 1999 Physics     Luis W. Alvarez Physics
W           1967  
Steven Weinberg 1979 Physics     Hans A. Bethe Physics
Eugene P. Wigner 1963 Physics          
Frank Wilczek 2004 Physics     1965  
Kenneth G. Wilson 1982 Physics     Richard P. Feynman Physics
          Julian S. Schwinger Physics
Chen Ning Yang 1957 Physics     1964  
    [Top]       Charles Townes Physics
          Maria Goeppert-Mayer Physics
          Eugene P. Wigner Physics
            Robert Hofstadter Physics
            Donald A. Glaser Physics
    [Top]       1959  
            Owen Chamberlain Physics
            Emilio Gino Segrè Physics
          Tsung-Dao Lee Physics
          Chen Ning Yang Physics
            John Bardeen Physics
         Polykarp Kusch Physics
    [Top]       Willis E. Lamb Physics
          Felix Bloch Physics
          Edward M. Purcell Physics
          Isidor Isaac Rabi Physics
          Ernest O. Lawrence Physics

  [Top]      1938  
          Enrico Fermi Physics
          Carl D. Anderson Physics
         Arthur Compton      Physics
         James Franck           Physics
The source for this list of Nobel Laureates associated with DOE and predecessor agencies is the U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Science. Guidelines for inclusion are:
  • The laureate’s prize-winning work was conducted while employed at DOE research facilities or directly funded by DOE at a
    university or industry.
  • The research significantly benefited from laureate’s experiments or programs conducted at the laboratories, but may not have
    been directly funded by DOE.
  • Long-standing and significant DOE or national laboratory support, which would include other research leading to
    prize-winning discoveries.
  • Education and training supported by DOE or the national laboratories, including graduate research, postdoctoral research, or
    undergraduate research experiences that influenced the laureate’s scientific growth and direction.
  • Other research collaborations and joint programs. The laureate was involved in significant joint research collaborations, as
    evidenced by joint proposals, jointly published papers, or extended research participation and guest status.

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