DNA Interesting Insights Atom

Neat Stuff
It's in the Genes
Medicine on the Move
  • nuclear medicine, including radiation and cancer therapy [Cancer Therapy]
  • what drives muscle and nerve activity [MacKinnon]
  • water channels [Agre]
  • G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) [Kobilka]
  • development of medical X-rays, scanning equipment, and imaging [Cormack, Purcell, CAT, MRI, PET]
  • groundbreaking research in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) [Rabi]
  • batteries for use in medical devices [Thin-film Batteries]
  • the liver and anemia [Whipple]
Energy Wow
  • battery that powered the lunar lander module and other spacecraft [RTG]
  • advancement and use of solar energy [Solar Energy]
  • hydrocarbons and energy conversion [Olah]
  • leadership in the development of nuclear energy [Wigner]
  • peaceful uses of nuclear energy [Seaborg]
  • peaceful uses of fusion [Teller]
  • using the crossed molecular beams techniques [Y.T. Lee]
It's Out There
  • secrets powering the stars [Bethe]
  • Synthesis of the Elements in the Stars [Fowler]
  • blackbody form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation [Mather, Smoot]
  • the first binary pulsar [Hulse]
  • cosmic neutrinos [Koshiba]
Great Discoveries
Making It Happen
  • invented cathode materials used in cell phones [Goodenough]
  • developed the Eightfold Way, a theory of Strong Interaction Symmetry [Gell-Mann]
  • conducted key research on graphite, carbon, and thermoelectrics and made significant contributions to the advancement of women in science [Dresselhaus]
  • crafted the Renormalization Group (RG) theory [Wilson]
  • established an international computer communication in 1970 [AEC Experiment]
  • developed the 'electroweak' theory [Glashow, Salam, Weinberg]
  • invented the cyclotron (an early accelerator) [Lawrence]
  • developed the nuclear shell model [Goeppert-Mayer]
  • invented the bubble chamber [Glaser]
  • developed a host of particle detectors [Charpak]
  • developed the neutron diffraction technique [Shull]
  • created host molecules in his host-guest research [Cram]
  • developed Ultra Violet Waterworks (UVW)
  • invented the calutron (an isotope separator) [Lawrence]
  • developed the hydrogen maser and the cesium atomic clock [Ramsey]
  • contributed to plutonium metallurgy and nuclear nonproliferation [Hecker]
Science in Action
  • created the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction [Fermi]
  • contributed to the science that won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize [climate change]
  • formulated the process for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) [Boyer]
  • first proposed the concept of 'type-II superconductors' [Abrikosov]
  • showed elastic and inelastic scattering [Hofstadter]
  • contributed to the theory of electron transfer reactions [Marcus]
  • developed metathesis method in organic synthesis [Schrock/Grubbs]
  • provided the theoretical explanation of the fractional quantum Hall effect [Laughlin]
  • developed the Source Theory [Schwinger]
  • provided detailed understanding of how chemical reactions take place [Herschbach]
  • developed details of redox reactions [Taube]
  • developed the concept of 'dissipative structures' [Prigogine]
  • found that CFCs were thinning the ozone layer [Molina, Rowland]
  • developed and built a triple-axis spectrometer [Brockhouse]
It's Named After
  • the Lamb Shift phenomenon [Lamb]
  • the concept of the Cooper pairs [Cooper]
  • the Bloch Equations [Bloch]
  • the Feynman Diagrams [Feynman]


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