Submitting the Report Deliverable via E-Link

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DOE Financial Assistance Recipients and Non-Major Site/Facility Management Contractor should use the AN 241.3 to submit scientific/technical reports electronically.   

  • No username or password is needed to submit the AN 241.3 or report deliverable.
  • DOE awardees complete the web form AN 241.3 with just a few required pieces of information as indicated on the form in red font preceded by an asterisk.
  • Instructions are linked at the top of the AN 241.3 and also at the data field level for each field.
  • Set the browser to accept all cookies before starting the submission process.
  • Be sure to input the DOE contract number accurately. Do not enter the DE- as it is hardcoded into the AN 241.3.
  • Part II of the AN 241.3 is where the final technical report is uploaded. The preferred format of the report deliverable is Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • Make sure the document being uploaded has been reviewed for sensitivities and that any sensitivity is appropriately noted in the Intellectual Property/Distribution Limitations section of the AN 241.3.
  • Ensure that both the document and AN 241.3 do not contain protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The description of protected PII is listed in the FAQ section of E-Link.
  • Make sure all of the required data has been entered before attempting the upload.
  • After completing all preceding steps the AN 241.3 and associated report deliverable are ready to be submitted. The upload screen requires the submitter to confirm that the document being uploaded does not contain protected PII. Following confirmation, upload the PDF scientific/technical report deliverable. We recommend printing the page which confirms the upload for your files.
  • The successful upload page will include the data and an OSTI identifier number (OSTI ID). The OSTI ID, as well as the DOE contract number are useful when discussing the report deliverable submission with DOE personnel.
  • An e-mail notification regarding the submission will be sent to the appropriate DOE Contracting Officer/Contract Specialist, as well as to DOE/OSTI.


Last updated: June 26, 2014