Submittal Basics

Reporting Requirements


  • DOE reporting requirements for financial assistance recipients and non-major site/facility management contractors should be clearly outlined in your award document. Contact your DOE Contracting Officer with questions or concerns.
  • STI deliverables generated by major site/facility management contractors are identified at the project level.
  • There are instances when only the Announcement Notice should be submitted to OSTI.
  • By Access Limitation

STI Product Types


  • STI is found in many forms and format. Review Types of STI for a comprehensive list.
  • Like full-text indexing of a document, content indexing of an audio or video file greatly enhances the retrievability of the STI product.  Review Acceptable Audiovisual Formats.

STI Technical Report Characteristics

Electronic STI Products

  • Technical reports and other STI products should be provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) in acceptable electronic formats.  Other options are available for major site/facility management contractors hosting STI on their site's server.
  • All text, tables, diagrams, photographs, schematic, graphs, and charts should be integrated into one file.
  • OSTI indexes metadata and STI products so the information is searchable, allowing users to retrieve relevant results in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Identify and provide digitized legacy STI (provided in print prior to 2001).
  • STI must be collected in a digital format that can be preserved and accessible for years to come.  See Best Practices for Portable Document Format (PDF) Creation

Software Deliverables

Copyright Restrictions

Personally Identifiable Information

Reports and products must be carefully reviewed for Protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

STI Sensitivity Reviews

  • Reports and products must be carefully reviewed for sensitivities.
  • Directives that require certain sensitivity reviews and identification are found in STI-Related DOE Directives
  • Review all software for classified and sensitive unclassified information.

Established Submittal Processes