Submittal Basics

Reporting Requirements


  • DOE reporting requirements for financial assistance recipients (e.g., university grantees) and direct R&D contractors (i.e., not a major site/facility management contractor) should be clearly outlined in your award document. Also see STI submittal guidance for financial assistance recipients. Contact your DOE Contracting Officer with questions or concerns.
  • STI deliverables generated by major site/facility management contractors are identified at the project level.  The STI representative at your site can assist you.
  • The DOE Energy Link (E-Link) system is used for submission and announcement of DOE STI to the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI). 
  • All DOE-funded STI is to be submitted, regardless of its classification level (unclassified publicly releasable, controlled unclassified categories, or classified).  See more information about access limitation

STI Product Types


STI Technical Report Characteristics

Electronic STI Products

  • Technical reports and other STI products should be provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Other options are available for major site/facility management contractors hosting STI on their site's server.
  • All text, tables, diagrams, photographs, schematic, graphs, and charts should be integrated into one file.
  • Identify and provide digitized legacy STI (provided in print prior to 2001).

Software Deliverables

Copyright Restrictions

Personally Identifiable Information


STI Sensitivity Reviews

  • Reports and products must be carefully reviewed for sensitivities.
  • Directives that require certain sensitivity reviews and identification are found in STI-Related DOE Directives
  • Review all software for classified and sensitive unclassified information.

Established Submittal Processes