Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Managers

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The role of the STI Manager is to stay abreast of DOE's STI Program and coordinate the implementation of STIP best practices at their sites. In general, an STI Manager's responsibilities include: 

  • Providing oversight and coordination of contractor compliance with the Contractor Requirements Document of DOE Order 241.1B.
    - Coordinating the implementation of appropriate sensitivity reviews and release procedures.
    - Serving as Releasing Official or coordinating designation of Releasing Official(s), including notifying OSTI of such.
    - Ensuring STI and announcement notices are appropriately reviewed and marked.
    - Ensuring STI products and associated announcement notices are provided to OSTI (as appropriate) per an approved electronic method for dissemination.
  • Participating in bi-monthly STIP teleconferences, annual STIP meetings, and special STIP focus teams.
  • Providing general liaison with OSTI and the TIO.
  • Preparing contractor responses to STI-related action items received from their respective DOE Office and OSTI.


Last updated: June 26, 2014