Editing Harvested (OSTI-to-Site) Records

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Until FY2010, only metadata submitted via the web version of AN 241.1 or via batch upload could be retrieved and edited in E-Link. Now, records that are originally submitted via Harvesting (OSTI-to-Site) can also be edited online in E-Link.

Please note that if you decide to edit a harvested record online, you can never again update that record by allowing it to be reharvested. Only changes made to records in the site’s database can be resubmitted as updates via harvesting. If you edit a record online, E-Link will remind you that you are removing that record from “harvesting” status and will ask if that is what you wish to do. If you answer yes, you will be permitted to proceed.

The record will appear and can be edited the same way as any other record from that point on. The interface through which you will make the changes is the web version of the Announcement Notice (AN) 241.1 (or 241.6, if you are editing a dataset record). When your changes are entered, you may choose either SAVE or SUBMIT. SAVING a record allows it to be completed or reviewed at a later date by your site’s releasing official.

If you make errors during the editing process, such as leaving out required information, the AN 241.1 will inform you and allow you to correct the errors. The SUBMIT button will not activate until errors are resolved.

Last updated: November 13, 2013