DOE Programs and Major Site/Facility Contractors

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DOE Programs and Major Site/Facility Contractors have the option to provide metadata via the Announcement Notice 241.1 web notice, Batch Upload, or Harvesting. The metadata-based announcement notice generated and supplied by DOE and contractors for unclassified STI products includes the basic Dublin Core metadata elements, supplemented by a few DOE data elements, and a minimal number of subelements necessary to further identify the announcement/availability of the STI product.

Principal Investigators and Authors 

A Principal Investigator is designated by a research organization to have an appropriate level of authority and responsibility for the proper conduct of the research, the use of funds, and administrative requirements, including the submission of scientific progress reports to the agency. When an organization designates more than one PI, they must share the authority and responsibility for leading and directing the research, intellectually and logistically.

Copyright Guidance 

In general, major site/facility management contracts provide for Government ownership and unlimited rights in the Government for all technical data first produced in the performance of the contract. One exception to the Government’s unlimited rights is data in which the contractor has asserted copyright. Review STI and Copyright for more information.

Last updated: November 13, 2013