Assuring Excellence in R&D Management

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On May 9, the 2011 Department of Energy Strategic Plan was released, outlining the broad, cross-cutting and collaborative goals that stretch across the DOE complex.  The important role of STIP is supported in the section entitled, "Assure Excellence in R&D Management:"

"Disseminate our ResultsOur success should be measured not when a project is completed or an experiment concluded, but when scientific and technical information is disseminated.  Beyond broad availability of technical reports, e-prints and multimedia, and publication in peer-reviewed journals, open access to experimental data and analysis codes is increasingly important in policy-relevant research areas.  The Department will establish guidelines for use with both grants and contracts to ensure appropriate access to, and retention of, scientific data and analysis methods.  In more applied areas, knowledge of what did not work can be of equal value with positive results, for that can prevent the misapplication of significant private resources.  The Department will therefore encourage the documentation and archiving of negative results form all its performers using the most advanced informatics tools."

Last updated: May 25, 2011