Automated Protocols Used by Labs

DOE laboratories have three options for automated submission of AN 241.1 information:

AN 241.1 via Batch Upload 
AN 241.1 via Harvesting

All three options must meet the same basic E-Link business rules in terms of required and optional metadata.  The differences come from the software code underlying each submittal option/mechanism.  Sometimes there are differences in HOW a submittal mechanism meets the E-Link business rules.  Harvesting, for example, can insert some of the required metadata fields and site-specified values into a record as it loads into E-Link.  Batch Upload and the Web Service will not do that.

Required Metadata Elements

  • Author(s)
  • AccessDistribution Limitations
  • DOE Contract/Award Number(s)
  • Publication Date
  • Medium (e.g., format and related technical requirements)
  • Originating Research Organization
  • Publisher Name and Location or Availability (if DOE cannot provide access, e.g., if commercial publisher is the source)
  • Releasing Official Information
  • Report/Product Numbers
  • Sponsoring Organizations
  • STI Product Title
  • STI Product Type and related information for each
  • Uniform Resource Location (URL) for products which are site-hosted
  • Country of Publication
  • Language of the STI Product

Optional Metadata Elements

  • Description/Abstract
  • Digital Object Identifier
  • Other Identifying Number(s)
  • R&D Project ID(s)
  • Related Document Information
  • Subject Categories and Keywords
  • Work Authorization Number
  • Work Proposal Number