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STI Announcement Web Service for 241.1 Information
OSTI’s Web Service for AN 241.1 provides a mechanism to submit new Announcement Notices, edit existing  Announcement Notices, and retrieve metadata for Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Announcement Notices. A user manipulates a record by performing HTTP operations on the web service URL and providing XML metadata.  The POST command/request allows a submitter to create or modify AN 241.1 records.  The GET command/request allows a submitter to view records

STI Announcement Web Service for 241.6 Data (OSTI's Data ID Service)
OSTI’s Data ID Service handles the submission of AN 241.6 information for datasets and the registration of those datasets with DataCite.  It provides a web service/API allowing users an automated way to submit new Announcement Notices for datasets, edit/update existing AN 241.6 records, and retrieve metadata.  OSTI assigns an OSTI ID and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), then registers the DOI and its metadata with DataCite.  This value-added step facilitates the visibility of DOE's data, helps ensure long-term preservation, and supports better linkage between the Department's published research results and the underlying data.




Last updated: November 6, 2014