Announcement Notice (AN) 241.4

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Software Announcement Notice

AN 241.4 Reference Copy          
AN 241.4 Instructions        
Submit 241.4

The AN 241.4 is required for submission of scientific and technical software to OSTI in order to ensure proper handling, announcement and dissemination, in accordance with DOE statutory responsibilities, in Departmental web-based systems. There are basic requirements for metadata fields; however, other optional/non-mandatory data fields should be included in the AN when possible.

The AN 241.4:

  • Provides information required to appropriately identify software created and/or modified during work supported by DOE or during work carried out for others at DOE facilities.
  • Is utilized by organizations and individuals who have developed and/or modified software during work supported by DOE or during work carried out for others at DOE facilities
  • Is submitted as announcement of software.
  • Is submitted by DOE sites that choose to make software available as Open Source; a unique URL must be included.

  • Is submitted by DOE sites that submit software to a SIAC; the available source of the software must be provided.

Required Metadata Elements for Software

  • Record Status
  • Software Title
  • Software Developer(s)
  • DOE Contract/Award Number(s)
  • Submitting Research Organization
  • Release Date/Date of Issuance
  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Description/Abstract
  • Legal Notices/Disclaimers Media Type Information (CD, DVD, Electronic. Provide quantity, capacity and format)
  • Hardware and Software Requirements (e.g. operating system, compiler/version, related/auxiliary software and type(s) of files)
  • Media Type Information (CD, DVD, Electronic, Provide quantity, capacity, and format)
  • Location/Transmission (Required if product resives on site server or transmitted electronically)
  • Documentation Type Information
  • Intellectual Property/Distribution Limitations (i.e. Access Limitations)
  • Software Contact
  • Releasing Official
Last updated: July 24, 2013