Announcement Notice (AN) 241.1

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Announcement of Department of Energy Scientific and Technical Information, Notice for DOE Programs and Major Site/Facility Management Contractors

AN 241.1 Reference Copy and Instructions               
Submit AN 241.1

The AN 241.1 is required for providing scientific and technical information (STI) to OSTI.  It is utilized by DOE, DOE Major Site/Facility Management contractors, multi-program laboratories, single program laboratories, and other DOE facilities. The information provided by the 241.1 ensures proper handling, announcement and dissemination, in accordance with DOE statutory responsibilities. There are basic requirements for metadata fields; however, other optional/non-mandatory data fields should be included in the AN when possible.

  • Provides information required to appropriately identify, process, and/or announce and disseminate the results of work funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) or performed in DOE facilities.
  • Follow procedures for STI submission provided by your site. Find the STIP POC  for your site. In the event that the STIP POC is not listed for your site, contact OSTI at 865-576-1223. 
  • Submitted with each scientific and technical information (STI) Product.

There are two additional options for submitting data electronically:

Batch Upload (Site-to-OSTI), and
Harvesting (OSTI-to-Site).

The XML DTD supporting Batch Upload specifies the same metadata that is used by the web-based AN 241.1.  The main difference between web notice input and Batch Upload is that the latter allows uploading of multiple records as a batch file.  The web 241.1 is for single-record input only.

Harvesting is another way to provide 241.1 metadata to OSTI.  After some initial programming at both the site and OSTI, this method allows OSTI to send a date-range query and receive in reply an "on the fly" XML file of the of the site's newly created records.

Last updated: November 13, 2013