2011 STIP Working Meeting Agenda

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 2011 STIP Working Meeting May 4-5, 2011 "Beyond Traditional STI" Agenda

Wednesday, May 4
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

8:30 Welcome and Introductions Isom Harrison, LLNL
Sharon Jordan, OSTI


Preparing for the World of Open Access Walt Warnick, DOE/SC
9:30 Data Curation and Citation at the California Digital Library John Kunze, CDL
10:30 Break  


Digital Assets and the STI Infrastructure
- Presentation and Discussion

Miriam Blake, LANL
Mary Donahue, NREL
11:30 ORCID and Identity Management in Repositories Travis Brooks, SLAC
12:15 Lunch (on your own)  



DOE O 241.1B
- From Policy to Practice
- Site Implementation Activities/Strategies

Sharon Jordan, OSTI


STI Review and Release
- LLNL’s Review/Release Self Assessment: How to Change Behavior
- LANL’s Review and Approval System
- Discussion on Value vs. Risk

Nicole Rantz, LLNL
Miriam Blake, LANL
Group Discussion

3:15 Break  
3:30 Controlled Unclassified Information: What It Means for STIP Dave Hamrin, ORNL
4:00 Digitization: NLLC Survey Results Miriam Blake, LANL
4:30 Information Product Demonstrations Judy Gilmore, OSTI
6:00 Group Dinner – Girasole Grill  

Thursday, May 5
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

8:30 STI Highlights:  Site Reports All


Intellectual Property and STI
- Copyright, CRADAs and More
- Publishing and Patent Protection

Judy Gilmore, OSTI
Stacy Joiner, AMES

10:00 STI Products, Services, Trends Sharon Jordan, OSTI
10:30 Break  


The How’s of New Forms of STI 
- Audio Visual
- Datasets

Jannean Elliott, OSTI
Lance Vowell, OSTI


"Best Practices" Make Perfect:
- The Evolution of the STI Guide
- E-Link Enhancements

Kevin Schmidt, SRS
Kathy Waldrop, OSTI

12:15 Lunch (on your own)  
1:45 Mobile Applications and Other Innovations in Process Lance Vowell, OSTI
2:15 STI and Interagency Coordination Judy Gilmore, OSTI
2:45 Break  
3:00 Hot Topics and Miscellaneous Discussions All
4:00 Meeting Wrap-Up/Actions Sharon Jordan, OSTI


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