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Title: Nanoengineering for solid-state lighting.

Nanoengineering for solid-state lighting. This report summarizes results from a 3-year Laboratory Directed Research and Development project performed in collaboration with researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Our collaborative effort was supported by Sandia's National Institute for Nanoengineering and focused on the study and application of nanoscience and nanoengineering concepts to improve the efficiency of semiconductor light-emitting diodes for solid-state lighting applications. The project explored LED efficiency advances with two primary thrusts: (1) the study of nanoscale InGaN materials properties, particularly nanoscale crystalline defects, and their impact on internal quantum efficiency, and (2) nanoscale engineering of dielectric and metal materials and integration with LED heterostructures for enhanced light extraction efficiency.
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OSTI Identifier:973851
Report Number(s):SAND2009-6130
TRN: US201007%%288
DOE Contract Number:AC04-94AL85000
Resource Type:Technical Report
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Research Org:Sandia National Laboratories
Sponsoring Org:USDOE
Country of Publication:United States
Subject: 36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; DEFECTS; DIELECTRIC MATERIALS; EFFICIENCY; QUANTUM EFFICIENCY Light emitting diodes.; Solid state lighting; Nanoelectronics.