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Title: Lithium disulfide battery

Lithium disulfide battery A negative electrode limited secondary electrochemical cell having dense FeS.sub.2 positive electrode operating exclusively on the upper plateau, a Li alloy negative electrode and a suitable lithium-containing electrolyte. The electrolyte preferably is 25 mole percent LiCl, 38 mole percent LiBr and 37 mole percent KBr. The cell may be operated isothermally.
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OSTI Identifier:866688
Report Number(s):US 4764437
DOE Contract Number:W-31109-ENG-38
Resource Type:Patent
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Research Org:Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL
Country of Publication:United States
Subject: lithium; disulfide; battery; negative; electrode; limited; secondary; electrochemical; cell; dense; fes; positive; electrode; operating; exclusively; upper; plateau; alloy; negative; electrode; suitable; lithium-containing; electrolyte; electrolyte; preferably; 25; mole; percent; licl; 38; mole; percent; libr; 37; mole; percent; kbr; cell; operated; isothermally; containing electrolyte; secondary electrochemical; positive electrode; negative electrode; negative electrode; electrochemical cell; mole percent; mole percent; mole percent; sulfide battery; electrode operating; upper plate; alloy negative /429/