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Title: Power supply

Power supply An electric power supply employs a striking means to initiate ferroelectric elements which provide electrical energy output which subsequently initiates an explosive charge which initiates a second ferroelectric current generator to deliver current to the coil of a magnetic field current generator, creating a magnetic field around the coil. Continued detonation effects compression of the magnetic field and subsequent generation and delivery of a large output current to appropriate output loads.
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OSTI Identifier:862664
Report Number(s):US 3985078
DOE Contract Number:AT(29-1)-789
Resource Type:Patent
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Research Org:Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), Albuquerque, NM, and Livermore, CA
Country of Publication:United States
Subject: power; supply; electric; power; supply; employs; striking; means; initiate; ferroelectric; elements; provide; electrical; energy; output; subsequently; initiates; explosive; charge; initiates; ferroelectric; current; generator; deliver; current; coil; magnetic; field; current; generator; creating; magnetic; field; coil; continued; detonation; effects; compression; magnetic; field; subsequent; generation; delivery; output; current; appropriate; output; loads; provide electrical; current generator; current generator; output current; electric power; electric current; electrical energy; magnetic field; magnetic field; magnetic field; power supply; power supply; explosive charge; electric element; output load; energy output; provide electric; effects compression; electric elements /102/89/