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Title: Proceedings of condensed papers on alternate energy sources

Proceedings of condensed papers on alternate energy sources The conference covers the results of research and developments which have taken place during the last 2 years. It includes sessions on solar energy, ocean thermal energy, wind energy, hydro power, nuclear breeders and nuclear fusion, synthetic fuels from coal or waste, hydrogen production and uses. The volume of the Proceedings presents the papers and lectures in condensed format grouped by their subjects under 40 technical sessions. Condensed papers are presented for the 336 presentations; abstracts have previously appeared in the DOE Energy Data Base for 33 of the full-length papers.
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OSTI Identifier:OSTI ID: 6762978
Report Number(s):CONF-791204-
TRN: 81-000186
Resource Type:Conference
Resource Relation:Conference: 2. Miami international conference on alternative energy sources, Miami Beach, FL, USA, 10 Dec 1979
Country of Publication:United States
Subject: 29 ENERGY PLANNING, POLICY AND ECONOMY; 14 SOLAR ENERGY; 13 HYDRO ENERGY; 21 SPECIFIC NUCLEAR REACTORS AND ASSOCIATED PLANTS; 08 HYDROGEN; 17 WIND ENERGY; 01 COAL, LIGNITE, AND PEAT; 15 GEOTHERMAL ENERGY; ENERGY SOURCE DEVELOPMENT; MEETINGS; RESEARCH PROGRAMS; ENERGY SOURCES; RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES; COAL GASIFICATION; COAL LIQUEFACTION; ECONOMICS; ENERGY POLICY; GEOTHERMAL ENERGY; GOVERNMENT POLICIES; HYDROGEN PRODUCTION; NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS; SOLAR ENERGY; SYNTHETIC FUELS; WIND POWER; ENERGY; FUELS; GASIFICATION; LIQUEFACTION; NUCLEAR FACILITIES; POWER; POWER PLANTS; THERMAL POWER PLANTS; THERMOCHEMICAL PROCESSES 299000* -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Unconventional Sources & Power Generation; 140000 -- Solar Energy; 130000 -- Hydro Energy; 210000 -- Nuclear Power Plants; 080100 -- Hydrogen-- Production; 292000 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Supply, Demand & Forecasting; 291000 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Conservation; 293000 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Policy, Legislation, & Regulation; 170000 -- Wind Energy; 010400 -- Coal, Lignite, & Peat-- Processing; 150000 -- Geothermal Energy