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Title: US energy R and D: policy and priorities

US energy R and D: policy and priorities The primary purpose of energy research is to help implement and advance energy policy. Energy research reveals new possibilities and new options that ought to influence energy policy. Project Independence, dominated by our commitment to energy self-sufficiency, is our shorter term energy policy, but is not the entire energy policy. Decisions are now being made concerning nuclear plant siting and conservation that go much beyond any immediate commitment to self-sufficiency. Both energy policy and energy research and development strategy are presently in transition, largely due to new governmental structures being created. Even when ERDA and FEA are in place, there will remain the matter of assuring that ERDA research policies are consistent with FEA energy policies and that FEA energy policies take adequate account of the new options created by ERDA's studies. Long-range modalities - solar, geothermal, fusion, fission breeders - are briefly discussed.
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OSTI Identifier:6393862
Report Number(s):DOE/TIC-10716
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Research Org:Department of Energy, Washington, DC (USA)
Country of Publication:United States
Subject: 29 ENERGY PLANNING, POLICY AND ECONOMY; ENERGY; RESEARCH PROGRAMS; ENERGY POLICY; DECISION MAKING; ENERGY CONSERVATION; ENERGY SOURCE DEVELOPMENT; GOVERNMENT POLICIES; LAND USE; LIFE STYLES; PROJECT INDEPENDENCE; USA; NORTH AMERICA 290500* -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Research, Development, Demonstration, & Commercialization; 293000 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Policy, Legislation, & Regulation