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Title: Walter Bouldin Dam failure and reconstruction

Walter Bouldin Dam failure and reconstruction Walter Bouldin is one of several hydroelectric developments of Alabama Power Company. On February 10, 1975, an earth embankment section of Walter Bouldin Dam was breached, causing total evacuation of the forebay reservoir and rendering the 225-MW power plant inoperable. The Federal Power Commission instituted an investigation of the dam failure, and a report on the investigation was published in February 1976. Subsequently, an evidentiary hearing was held before an administrative law judge who issued his initial decision on August 19, 1976. The Commission, on April 21, 1977, issued its Opinion No. 795 in which it adopted the initial decision with modifications and terminated the investigation of failure of Walter Bouldin Dam. Opinion No. 795 directs the staff of the Bureau of Power to prepare, for the future guidance of the Commission, a report on the deficiencies which were found in its investigation, together with advice as to how such deficiencies have been and should be remedied. Also, it directs the staff of the Bureau of Power to address certain general recommendations included in the initial decision. This report was prepared in response to that directive and summaries information on the dam failure and its investigation; the evidentiary hearing; the more » judge's recommendations, the reconstruction of the Bouldin Dam; and the evalution and status of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Dam safety program. (LCL) « less
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Report Number(s):DOE/FERC-0017
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Research Org:Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC (USA). Office of Electric Power Regulation
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Subject: 13 HYDRO ENERGY; DAMS; FAILURES; HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANTS; ALABAMA; LEGAL ASPECTS; REGULATIONS; SAFETY; NORTH AMERICA; POWER PLANTS; SOUTHEAST REGION; USA 130400* -- Hydro Energy-- Legislation & Regulations; 130300 -- Hydro Energy-- Plant Design & Operation