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Title: Some crucial issues in nuclear energy

Some crucial issues in nuclear energy The future projected in the Project Independence Report calls heavily on nuclear energy. Validating the nuclear option will require technology improvement and implementation of new policy. But of all the issues that might compromise nuclear energy the most important now appears to be the public acceptability of this energy source.
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Report Number(s):CONF-741213-23
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Resource Relation:Conference: Nuclear science symposium, Washington, DC, USA, 11 Dec 1974
Research Org:Federal Energy Administration, Washington, DC (USA)
Country of Publication:United States
Subject: 29 ENERGY PLANNING, POLICY AND ECONOMY; NUCLEAR POWER; PUBLIC RELATIONS; FORECASTING; SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS; INSTITUTIONAL FACTORS; POWER 290600* -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Nuclear Energy; 290200 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Economics & Sociology