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Title: $sup 239$Pu vs $sup 226$Ra toxicity in human bone

$sup 239$Pu vs $sup 226$Ra toxicity in human bone
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OSTI Identifier:4302040
Resource Type:Journal Article
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Resource Relation:Journal Name: Trans. Amer. Nucl. Soc., v. 18, p. 386; Conference: Annual meeting of the American Nuclear Society, Philadelphia, PA, 23 Jun 1974; Other Information: Orig. Receipt Date: 31-DEC-74
Research Org:New York Univ., NY
Country of Publication:Country unknown/Code not available
Subject: N48610* --Life Sciences--Radionuclide Effects (Internal Source)--Man; N48620 --Life Sciences--Radionuclide Effects (Internal Source)--Animals; *BONE TISSUES-- RADIATION DOSES; *PLUTONIUM 239-- TOXICITY; *RADIUM 226-- TOXICITY; *SKELETON-- RADIATION DOSES; ALPHA PARTICLES; BEAGLES; BIOLOGICAL RADIATION EFFECTS; DOSE RATES; MAN; MICE