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Title: Weak-interaction models with new quarks and right-handed currents

Weak-interaction models with new quarks and right-handed currents We discuss various weak-interaction issues for a general class of models within the SU(2) x U(1) gauge-theory framework, with special emphasis on the effects of right-handed charged currents and of quarks bearing new quantum numbers. In particular we consider the restrictions on model building which are imposed by the small K/sub L/--K/sub S/ mass difference and by the $delta$I = 1/2 rule, and we classify various possibilities for neutral current interactions and, in the case of heavy mesons with new quantum numbers, various possibilities for mixing effects analogous to K/sub L/--K/sub S/ mixing. (AIP)
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OSTI Identifier:4082874
Resource Type:Journal Article
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Resource Relation:Journal Name: Phys. Rev., D, v. 12, no. 9, pp. 2768-2780; Other Information: Orig. Receipt Date: 30-JUN-76
Research Org:Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois 60510 and Joseph Henry Laboratories, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Country of Publication:United States
Subject: N64230* --Physics (High Energy)--Particle Interactions & Properties (Theoretical)--Weak; N64320 --Physics (High Energy)--Particle Invariance Principles & Symmetry--Applications (Electromagnetic & Weak); 641103*; *KAONS NEUTRAL-- MASS DIFFERENCE; *QUARK MODEL-- WEAK NEUTRAL CURRENTS; CONFIGURATION MIXING; DECAY; QUANTUM NUMBERS; SU-2 GROUPS; U-1 GROUPS; WEAK INTERACTIONS; WEINBERG LEPTON MODEL